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  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2009 10:44 AM Flag

    Beady Eyed weasel will wreck

    Knave just so you will know I am DoMiNaT18n, JGP, Junior Got Pedigreed. I have also been known to go by Typical Jr. Fan. I have so many ID's because so many folks request my services in their leagues. And well with one ID you can only join 3 leagues. So you know the name Dominat18n is referring to the 18 dominating, Junior Got Pedigreed is a name I made last year because Kyle was driving the Pedigree car when he put Jr's sorry ace into the wall at Richmond. Typical Jr. Fan is an avatar name, I put up an ugly picture of some redneck, or even just had a guy with a baby bonnet and baby outfit on, hence the Typical Jr. Fan lmao. That one don't roll over so well on this board because there is so many Jr. fans on here, but that is why I use it mostly. Anyways you will figure out eventually the ins and outs, and the who's who. I am just glad to meet another adult on this board that can actually accept Kyle for everything he is worth. He is a very great racer, and definitely the best to come to Nascar since Tony Stewart, plus I have been a lifelong JGR fan.


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