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  • A Yahoo! User May 7, 2009 9:05 PM Flag

    Beady Eyed weasel will wreck

    Yes I said It. I know it for a fact.

    You ask Why? I'm using him this week. I'm on a goal of taking out the Top drivers. Next week Jeff Gordon. LOL.


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    • I called it but didn't use him in main team. ha ha I win kyle.


    • I didn't know floss was racing this weekend :P

    • er......Brad Keselowski is a buck-toothed rodent.....

    • Knave just so you will know I am DoMiNaT18n, JGP, Junior Got Pedigreed. I have also been known to go by Typical Jr. Fan. I have so many ID's because so many folks request my services in their leagues. And well with one ID you can only join 3 leagues. So you know the name Dominat18n is referring to the 18 dominating, Junior Got Pedigreed is a name I made last year because Kyle was driving the Pedigree car when he put Jr's sorry ace into the wall at Richmond. Typical Jr. Fan is an avatar name, I put up an ugly picture of some redneck, or even just had a guy with a baby bonnet and baby outfit on, hence the Typical Jr. Fan lmao. That one don't roll over so well on this board because there is so many Jr. fans on here, but that is why I use it mostly. Anyways you will figure out eventually the ins and outs, and the who's who. I am just glad to meet another adult on this board that can actually accept Kyle for everything he is worth. He is a very great racer, and definitely the best to come to Nascar since Tony Stewart, plus I have been a lifelong JGR fan.

    • You would be smart to leave him in, you can't wreck him. Kyle Busch is going to win it again if not top 5. He is going to be the cup champion.

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      • Knave as you can see the maturity level on this board is very slim. Not one of the morons in here actually appreciate racing for what it is, they are for the most part just on here to spread hate and make it their most powerful creation. Most of the people on this board hate me because I am a hardcore Kyle fan and they can't stand the fact that such a great driver is better then their lousy excuse for a driver. So Knave I will just tell you if you want to hang around here as a Kyle fan you need to be strong and not let these idiots and their impotent slandering get to you. I have never been liked and that is fine with me, the majority of the reason why I am such a big Kyle fan. If you are truly a Kyle fan then you will overlook all of the stupid remarks that these morons make and go about your business and not let them get to you, because if you do then they win. Being a Kyle fan means we win all the time and the rest are just second place.

      • Ya'll remind me of a couple of Fag's, Nobody really cares your Queer until you try to force it down our throats.
        (pardon the pun)!

    • You are another who is faceless. well I finally got my face to take. it took 13 hours. Well not in a row of trying. It was a chore to do any way you look at it. Well it is good to know that there are Kyle fans out here. I think he is going to run nascar in circles trying to figure out how to stop him. He is the best driver I have ever seen. I might be his biggest fan I don't know. I'm glad to have met you. ???????DoMiNaT18n? That is not some sick sex screen name is it?

    • I tried to give Dave the fair warning to not pick Kyle this week, but he is deadset on picking him too I guess. I am making it 2 for 2 and predicting that Kyle won't finish in the top 20 this week. As much as I hate the taste of that, it is just the natural order of things. He won here last year and Kyle isn't known for picking up back to back wins on the same track/same race. He might do it on the same track, just in the second race. Of course Darlington don't have a second race so I say a no go for Kyle. Kyle is the type of driver to succeed at one thing right now and then extend his goals to something else he hasn't succeeded at. He is just at that point in his career where he is so good that he dominates, and he doesn't want to dominate that same race, he knows he is good enough to win at other places, so he sets his sights on these other places.


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