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    Only way to save nascar

    Lose this joke of a car they call the COT. It became quite obvious to me they have dug themselfs a grave with this stupid car.

    EXAMPLE: Jr couldn't hardly keep his car straight all race. He goes out of sequence and suddenly his car is top of the charts. Then as soon as he gets back in traffic his car shows up again as the POS it was. This car is a joke and most of the races run with it are, get out front and no one will catch you. This car in this economy is going to cause everyone else to watch real racing. If that means everyone will start watching nationwide that is there only hope. Many will see this as just a rant. But I have been watching for some time and I am sick of all the bad racing going on. week after week the same thing. I long for the days where cars were going neck and neck lap after lap.

    SOLUTION: Lose the Cot car in 10. when I say lose I mean lets put this back in the manufactures hands on body. No impala No fusion and No Charger. The charger is the only real race car in that pack. Impala at one time was but now they are all family cars. so ditch all those bodies in 10.

    Race the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, and Celica or whatever race body Toyota still makes. lets make it about the performance end of manufacturing not about the family cars. We all know that if you put the best of what they race (Charger, Fusion, Impala & Camary), Dodge would kill them all and with out any competition (425hp SRT8 rear wheel drive). On the track Dodge can't hardly get any T.V. time, but a never was like Jr still gets all kinds of TV time.

    Race what people buy for performance and give the manufactures some reason to be in this sport. The Camaro and the Mustang both resemble the Challenger. All of them have packages that will perform so why do we use family cars that don't even resemble the vehicles we can buy.

    This is the easiest out I have for Nascar to back peddle out of this POS COT. Many will just see this as a rant but it is my belief that a move of this nature is needed to save the not only the sport but think of the sales for manufacturing. Imagine the sales of the New Camaro if it won the 500 next year. I'm tired of seeing the real race cars of the manufactures being nothing more then a pace car. What and insult to manufactures. I just thought this board needed a good topic to get thing all wound up out here. so have it guys and girls post your thoughts. I think most of you will agree with me.


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    • SCR
      bring back racing into auto racing
      where different makes and models r welcome
      teams can mess with the car more
      like pullin out fenders (in the front) for downforce
      let the crew chiefs fight among other crew chiefs and let drivers fight it out on the track
      after all said and done no crying and whining or penaltys for that

    • What that they need competition? Dude, i'd settle for more competition on the track...but another series would be cool...

    • NASCAR will never do this, but what if some other sanctioning body, a competitor of NASCAR, would be born from this idea.......that may be kinda interesting.....running the manufacturers performance cars damn near straight off the showroom floor like the old days

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      • Why is nascar the only stock car racing organization in the US. Is it because they have a trademark on the name? There are other series in the world, ie britian and australia that have stock car series...

        I would like to see some form of IROC series return where the holdens race the jags and the dodge/chevy/fords. All V8's racing all out, that would be cool...continent vs. continent, make vs. make, and driver vs. driver...

    • You give the japanese manufacturers the opportunity to design whatever car they want however designed with only performance(HP) and weight stipulations and these wealthy asians are gonna make a car that destroys the American cars just to make a point........with all the money the automakers don't have right now thats exactly what they need........to have to spend millions more dollars designing a car to try and keep up with toyota..........here's an idea............

      make everyone drive a toyota and let the american automakers spend their time and their money coming up with a car that the average american on a budget would be proud of driving because other then the focus, the charger and the cobalt, american cars suck and only one of those can even be considered a family car. Toyota is running a majority on the front pack every week so they've obviously figured out something the others havent..........

      I know me saying they should drive a japanese car in Nascar is like one of you telling me they should take everyone in the PGA and say that they are representing the countries there ancestors came from instead of America, but it's not that I'm not a patriot, I'm just a realist and if you wanna make racing exciting again........give everyone the same fuckin car and let driving be the decider

      or hell, atleast do a points battle between manufacturers next year and allow whichever one of the big three that wins the most work with toyota to develop a singular car for the whole field.

      everyone knows chevy would win that so atleast ford and dodge can go back to what they were made for............take off speed and funnel their money into saving another sport..............drag racing

      wow I just made racing exciting again and saved drag racing at the same time

      some things are more important than nascar or sports in general......not many but some things and manufacturers spending money and hiring people for that kind of development is exactly what they don't need to be wasting bailout money on

    • How ya doing MoToR ? Other than the JR. comment you have double hit the nail on the head. I agree that Nascar has control issues, but the sport NEEDS to seriously look the camaro,challenger and mustang... WTF Fusion, has anybody seen a fusion ( LOL ) driving down the street??? everytime I see one I think of the COT and laugh my ass off. Oh well lets hope there is a light at the end of the TUNNEL (LOL).

    • Did you not read my post?

      The car was working well- so they stayed out for track position and ran well. They pitted, took out a spring rubber and had handling issues. You will hear much more about this soon, because the media will jump all over it.

    • agreed

    • I agree, but how did the other guys keep speed when they got into traffic too..they were able to pass Jr..If it was an issue with the car, all teams would get the same results right? Why is always just the lead car that goes backward in dirty air?

    • yes this is true but he started with clean air and when he got to the back of traffic he fell like a brick. So for the first few laps he had claen air and no one could pass till he hit the dirty air. Then like a rock in water he went.

      He just happened to be a prime example of a junk car out front. I didn't intend for this to be about him just the car.


    • I dont see how on a mile track where clean air matters that much on the long runs by that time your in lapped traffic..But that the cookie cutters it really does show

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