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  • ToxicScott ToxicScott Apr 18, 2009 12:47 AM Flag

    Who wants to start some s**t?

    group ID - 23370
    password - 1234

    So this douchebag Chester the Molester starts a group for Trash Talking and once I lay into him, the jackass blocks me from posting. I can deal with that but now he's talking smack about me not posting anymore failing to mention to everyone else that he's blocked me. I'm not looking for him to un-block me, as I'm sure he won't after this, but if anyone wants to quickly join up and post in the forum what a huge walking vagina he is that would be great.

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    • the reel reason mr ed changed is name 2 lassie isnt for imp buster hitting on him. its because we compared naked baby pictures. he said i am nothing compared 2 U.

    • Toxic Scott likes to look at naked gladiators

    • not sure exactly....i been chatting with her three or four days a week, but its been in emails not on here

    • you just defined me as a poster

    • but not "eternal moments in a worthless mvie" or whatever it was called....i want my 6 bucks back for that one

    • Yeah, it almost makes up for Number 23 or whatever that was...

    • What the f*** are you morons talking about? All I wanted was ONE person to be a s***disturber and not one of you pansies answered the call. I'm shaking my head in disgust right now.

    • ok I think I'm up to speed some what. i remember have the trickers and haters. I posted on that one. Gay jokes to flossin LOL. you made his day. he loves to bring people to that point. lol. Dale is defenatly the rock on dude but I have even stole that one from time to time too. I quit because people start thinking all of are one. LOL. just like I stole Boobies funny dummy some things are just to good not to run with. LOL yet I always give credit to the originator. I read your stuff Jake and when you 1st came out we had our tift i think it was a you jumped into a fight you didn't get then. because i saw something then even though i said you were just and old mutt who needed to be put down. LOL. Then i also said hell we are all a bunch of old mutts as americans. I'm not 100% anything. so therefore I'm a mutt too.

      This ihatefigneutons dude where did he come from. He seems to be someone from NN because he seems to know a little bit about people but yet he doesn't know everything. Now I have a suspicion but if I say it then I will have to deal with the whaling and nashing of teeth. because someone is always a fall guy, but even though i will not go there until I talk to him myself. this imp buster buster seems to have motives of some rants i have read in the past.

      All I can say is joanie is not one to attack. she is frail in many ways of which you know nothing of. if she left you hanging there was a reason. I haven't seen her for some time and it is just a matter of time and i will see her I'm sure. till then your nascar threads are good stick with what will make you. Boobie will keep you on your toes with those. this appears to be a battle for others if it involves joanie. I am one of the ones who knows the most of this situation and like i said I thought it was all settled once before. I guess it wasn't.


    • it was called 'here we go...'
      and by the death of the thread i was joking with flossin again

    • alright here it goes...

      religious battle on homosexuals in 'Kyle Shrub'
      'Homophobes' was started and turned into a dogpile on flossin
      joanie puts up 'have the haters and tricksters ruined the board'
      in the meantime a bunch of old flossin threads came up, which is when joanie started 'blasts from the past' which is where i made THE BIGGEST ass of myself...
      flossin then started 'i like this jake s' which i perceived to be fecitious and proceded to give him the gayest gay joke beat down ever, joanie gets pissed, jake is still angry...
      joanie starts her last thread called, um... it was like here's one? or here you go?

      I don't know, you can link to all of them through my message history...

      now, this person is bringing it up, twice this weekend actually. So, i throw myself on the mercy of the court...I would happily apologize to joanie if given the chance...i've talked to flossin and tjf since then, and i think dale just told me that he has a trademark on 'rock on'

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