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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 17, 2009 4:37 PM Flag

    Junior Fans can NEVER stay on topic.


    They know that their idol, their savior is nothing but a loser. Not a has been, but a never was. C'mon Junior fans, throw your empty beer cans. Show us what class acts you really are. If you can't stand losing so much, here's a thought...root for a winner.

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    • Dalesillegitimateson® Dalesillegitimateson® Apr 19, 2009 10:12 PM Flag

      im not a jr fan...but really dude .....who is the 90% of the time loser that you pull for...dont say nobody...after all, if you are here, you will subject yourself to a neverending onslought of ridicule if you "choose no driver"..so what is it big boy..who is your number one driver?


      Must be, with a name like sanchez..I didn't know there were any mexican nascar fans...

    • If i get any more hate posts curse might get pissed.

      maybe jakeypoo was just pissed she let me mount up and fight a fight that made me look the fool.

      So the question is who did i offend by deflating the joanies boobs talk with a jenna bomb?... .... ....hmmmmm...
      'keep it reel' huh... i've got a few ideas who spells this bad...

    • who is this crazy babble talker ihatefignewtons. this guy needs something to take the edge off. try a nine millimeter. LOL.


    • didums da truth make da widdle imp mad. sorry make that imp buster. he is a imp and a imp buster all in one. shamwow. does he bust himself. he thinks his friend is so tarded that he cant look after himself. if i have a hot baord babe flirt with me i hope i don’t have friends like imp buster who come and save me from her evil posts. that woudnt be thinking with there dipstick jimmie. and i do have friends. that are smart enough to know i can defend myself from fun girls on a yahoo board and even find out if she is a he by myself. oh he saved his friend he made a girl look like a baord slag. i read it all wen it went down you hurt the red snappers feelings. than she said she didn’t like you so you had jakeyboy go all medevil on her way over the top. must have told him one crazie storie to get him so psycho. your sins dog pile up. did you throw jakey a good bone he must be your new best boy. since your friend is not been here since you saved him. now your friend and the red snapper are all gone and you and jaky can be best buddies. good job. oh yeh and i cant spell and you cant think. you dont know what your talking about if you think someone isnt a victim because you didnt think she was real. i bet that would work ina court of law. i am not guilty your honor and the girl i beat on wasnt a victim because I didn’t think she was real, so I murdered her for getting mad. got a whole new defends. let me no how it works for you after you loose it with your new woman. may be I can get some action from the red snapper since yaaawwwllll mentally beat on her she migh want comfort. im your night in shining armor so show me your goods sweetie. jakeyboy might perfer online jenna when it comes to girls but i like to keep it reel.

    • Two days later and I'm still getting heat. Rednecks are just too damn easy. lol

    • YOU just say this because YOU DON'T LIKE racing.
      Or the the fact that HE is a good Driver and Great Person....

    • Hey "Dirty Sanchez" i've seen that e-mail - Hope you washed your hands before using your keyboard? 88 will be there, keep watchin' all you 18 fans...

    • david. Your an idiot to say Gordon's win was fixed. Don't drag us Gordon fans into these Jr bullshit arguements or you will get put in your place. All the disrespectfull Jr fans can shove it for throwing their beer cans at Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch or anyone else who has won a lot. Gordon has 82 wins and none of them were "rigged".

    • you all are too funny, and thank GOD I dont have to know you in person. Ya'll are just SAD.

    • Oh,i don't know,he's managed to win 18 races,more than some,less than others.
      Let's see jeff Gordon went how many races before his win in Texas?Oh yeah thats right it was fixed,

      When was Kevin Harvicks last cup win?? or Kurt Busch before the 09 season,how many Did Stewart win last year?or Bobbie Labonte or Clint Boyer.My point is that everyone,EVERYONE!,either has or will hit a period when they may go with no wins.I mean Shrubby's a damn good driver but by your rules he doesn't have what it takes to finish it off(2008 season).I have my favorites and my non favorites but i'm not going to saqy someone is a never was.Before you say that friend put on a helmet ,get in a race car and see if you can beat him.Then you would have a small reason for calling him a never was.

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