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  • boggey boggey Apr 7, 2009 1:31 PM Flag

    Nascar Dying Quickly

    Never thought it would happen, this has gotten so boring its unwatchable. 30 minutes of texas was enough , watching grass grow more exciting, guess only mater of time before sponcers pull the plug and let this fade away, to bad loved it 5 years ago Now Helton and his boys have killed it.

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    • I hate to admit it but its true.....i was at texas motorspeedway as i have been every race for the last 6 yrs.....i was bored for the first time ever!!!!!!! maybe nascar has let these huge "mega-bucks race teams" influence the outcome of the race one too many times.....they have taken the "racing" out of nascar.....you ever notice how many cautions for "debris", yet no one can see it????????????? hmmm???? suspicious!!!!! let them beat, bang, bump, rub and fight for the win......thats what made racing exciting and unpredictable once upon a time........

    • The wrestling and submission stuff is pretty awesome....the whole deal takes a lot of versatility. One night people are tapping out from the floor, the next (like last night) falling from their feet out cold. It's really pretty amazing stuff. Still have to figure out how the judges score for the decisions...


    • Well, let's not forget the NNS, The Truck Series, and ARCA.

      NNS is scheduled to go to the COT soon...a mixed batch of good and bad there.

      But the Truck races and ARCA hold plenty of excitement, altho paced differently.

    • The cars suck!!!!


    • Yea. that was a pretty boring race last week. It's the car. Can't do much about it.

    • It is still stock car racing after all is said and done. I will always watch NASCAR over any type of other racing. No passing in Formula 1, Airport courses in Indy Car with no passing, 3 second blasts in Drags. C'mon people, NASCAR is our lifeblood.


    • I think it still needs to grow. I've had these ideas this week.
      A. The CoT needs to be further engineered. The aero could be improved a lot, wheels and tires don't need to be fashoned off what they did in the fifties. I mean c'mon, you'll change the car from the ground up but not the wheels? how sweet would the COT look and handle on 18" or 20" wheels? Maybe fuel injection, and what about E85? There are 2 corvettes in the amer. lemans series on E85...

      B. What about multiple divisions to the sprint cup chase, like the nfl? you could even break it down further and have the guys hit smaller tracks, i think it would gain more viewership in person. For people like me in colorado, maybe i wouldn't get to see my favorite driver 'cause he's in a division that doesn't race here, but they could re-open PPIR or hit rocky mountain national speedway and i'd be able to go. I can't take enough time off to go to tenn. or even texas or phoenix. Then all the top divisional drivers come together for the chase and hit up like 'dega, bristol, martinsville, pocono, all the hip tracks. Bring back Wilkesboro and other tracks that shouldn't have disappeared. Maybe they could have some dirt event too. And you could watch your local good ol' boys make it to the big show. 'But jake' you ask 'how could that ever happen when there's only 43 drivers from week to week?' Ask joanie why they do the ol' start and park. I bet there's tons of dudes out there that would love to race but they can't afford to compete or be competitive in the current format, make it cheaper, broaden the format to incorperate the little guy.

      C. Get control away from the current governing body. If they're too sensitive to take criticism on the COT, how do they expect to run nascar on a wide level. I would think that hendrick, gibbs, rousch, and RCR alone would have the clout to out the current governing body, christ, i bet they spend enough money to scare some changes outta the france family. They need a nascar coup

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      • Well, dang, finally, a good, thoughtful reply to the old "NASCAR is dead or dying" lament.

        Very nice, Jake.

        Also, You're the only person on this board other then myself I've seen mention NASCAR and "dirt track" together. I doubt the COT could handle such an event, and it would pro'bly be too expensive to have a separate car to run dirt tracks, but they used to be a staple of the NASCAR season, long ago (I've only seen the tapes myself...). Every time someone says"more road courses", I reply "add dirt track events" - but I am purty sure NASCAR is beyond dirt tracks at this point.

        But, Tony Stewart does get the guys together to run at Eldora once a year for charity, and it is some awesome dirt-tracking...


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