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    By the looks of this board

    Nascar is dying. Not many talking out here. Not many in the stands. Are we seeing the end of the sport? I still very much enjoy racing but I am wondering where is everyone. Has the Jr, Kyle Saga run off anyone who has a real post any more? Does anyone else wonder what is going on? Lets see how many actually post today. I remember last year during the race a lot of people posted during the race. You could keep up with what happened in most races just by this board. Now threads stay on a page for days with no replies. It seems there are more bones then fresh meat out here anymore. Am I just bummed and looking though the looking glass wrong? Or am I seeing a future I just don't like? One where Nascar doesn't exist.

    I hope I'm just looking at things wrong. Post you thoughts here. Even if you want to slam me. I want to see how many different views or more so Id's to post to this. To gauge how many are out here on race day. Last year many Id's came out on Sunday. Yes a lot of them we're one person with multiples. There was still a lot of different people here. So How many today? and what are your views?

    I figure this is better then digger for a pre race topic. LOL.


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    • I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that the american production hot rod is gone. We've got the pontiac g8, c'mon that's lame. The Mustang, which is cool but expensive for most people to get a decent model. They made the charger 4-door, and the challenger is out of the reach of young hot rodders. If i could afford one, i don't know if i would race it, it's probably like 500 bux for a fender. AND the friggin camaro is going to be made in canada, CANADA!!! How is that an american hot rod, I also read that they're considering a turbo model? Why not get it a pair of boobs?
      If, as a young american, we aren't placing any reverence on auto engineering, or engineering in general, how can NASCAR survive? I love NASCAR but am constantly confronted with the fact that the average person can't understand why you'd like to watch cars go in circles. I try to tell them about the degrees of camber, tire pressure, and the other nuance that make the nascar cars awesome. Starting with the fact that they're built from the ground up by hand, that's cool. The trans am and GT leagues are cool, but they're racing modified production cars. I think it would be a safe bet that everyone on here that's a fan of racing could tell you the mileage of their first car when they got it, when they sold it, and when they had to replace their first clutch.
      And as far as this board goes, you've all got your community built in already. I played last year, but started late in the season, and didn't take the time to post ever. It's tough because the regualars make you put in some time before your posts even get considered, let alone replied to. And even if you're intelligent, cheetara is going to say you have shit for brains...
      It's cool though, i'll hang out, i just don't ever want to talk about politics again. But, I will be competing for dick joke supremacy.

    • only thing is dying is this board, most people go to other boards where racing is the subject and not all this crap on here, imps,name calling who can out do who, every now and then theres a good subject here but very rare... im just flying bye

      how ya been motor, long time no see,, not been on here much due to other functions,, later dude

    • Do youreally know what you are talking about.

    • MoToR......don't be a drama queen

    • There is just not much trash talk to be had. I dont think the sport will ever be over.

    • No inentions of a slam but...who has the money? I think the current economy and unemployment situation might have something to do with it.

    • I think NASCAR is alive and well! It is the ecomony that is crap! However, that plays a role in all sports. I work at LVMS during NHRA-NASCAR and TRUCK races. Always sold-out-always parking problems,always bathroom lines and always tons of fun! Nothing has changed except less freebies and handouts. Miss thoses Winston cup races where you would walk away with bage of give-aways! Oh and the bring your own cooler rule-bummer! But its all good! NASCAR is still ALIVE!

    • Bump-a-Roo

    • MoToR re post here. I've only ben here a few weeks but have noticed that there is negativety from some that post here. I see some with mental illness/personality disorders/bi-polar that will put people down if they do not agree with someones post. The inability to see things with open mind or view things in more than one way is not an option for them. So why would new people want to come and post? Have you noticed that certain peoples minds are funtioning so fast from the mental illness that they have to reply to their own post as they are unable to clearly think and need to repost to get all their thoughts in? It would be wise for them to stop and think first and then reply. And I admit I got sucked in,to this negativety and gave the butt jam back to them.

      And what about the idiot that posted as a Shaggy and scooby? What adult coming to this board would take this board seriously?

      And furthermore, I see the economy playing a big part of what is going on. With auto makers laying off at this time, I see that as a big part of why the stands are not filling up. Lets face it with the cost of parking/tickets/food/drinks that is a huge chunk of change for the average American right now.

      I bet the same people/persons that I was talking about above will reply to this in their very predictable way.

    • ok, they are racing and I'm now posting....in an effort to make it look like I give a darn. ;-)

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