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  • BayBay BayBay Mar 25, 2009 4:42 PM Flag

    Who's your favourite driver?

    I love dale jr, dont go hating on me because i like him. carl edwards is cool to. so who's your favourite driver?

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    • Hockey is one of the best sports to see in person. But isn't neck pains common at a NASCAR race since you have to follow the cars around and around. When I went to a race in Dover last year I wasn't bothered by neck pains but I always here people complain about them. How do you get a neck and headache from watching hockey on tv? All you have to do is move your eyes to follow the puck.

    • ""Who's your favourite driver?"" this was the question........ most gave 2 names.......which means most of you can NOT read....... my driver would be myself cause I can't trust any other crazy azz driver!............... .

    • Richard Petty
      Tim Richmond
      Kyle Petty

    • Jr. is so over rated! Carl Edwards is the king and I would bet he will win the Championship this year!

    • tHE man....A PERFECT GENTLEman ---- mark martin !

    • 1) Bobby Allison 2) Davey Allison 3) Dale Jarrett and 4) Kyle Busch. The first 3 haven't been winning much lately for one reason or another.

    • Tony Stewart.Driving good or bad!

    • juan pablo..love him take no prisoner attude

    • I really hate the fact that people post "Who is your favorite driver"
      What really needs to be said is "Who is your favorite driver and why?"
      Any person who has watched TV in their life can tell you a name of at least one driver in Nascar, more then likely.
      My favorite driver of all time: Tony Stewart(without a doubt) the reason being is that, when it's time for business, Tony don't take shit, he don't back down, and he tells it like it is, and he don't care if its his momma he is telling it to. The world lacks those kind of personalities and especially the racing world. I would bet though that off the track, Tony is the best friend a person could ever have, and I know this because I am the same person that Tony is.

      My 2nd favorite driver would have to be Dale Earnhardt Sr. Even though I couldn't stand the man one freeking bit when I was younger, it was only because I didn't get him and where he was coming from, and why he done the things he did on track. However I always had a Professional adoration for Sr. he always seemed to be cool and collective come race day. Plus the man had a true Gentleman's smile, a smile that is as recognizable to Nascar fans, as Good Ole Blue Eyes is in Vegas and Hollywood. Without a doubt Earnhardt was the single most innovative driver of all time, he might not lead in every category, but I really don't think that there is any driver, ever in Nascar to be as straight-line focused as that man was.

      3rd- Kyle Busch, probably soon to be my absolute favorite of all time, the kid has more passion, determination and focus that I have seen out of not just Nascar, but real life also. I stand firm to my belief that before it is all said and done Kyle Busch, might not break Sr's records, and might not be as recognizable as Sr., but he will be right next to Sr., Petty, Cale, Jimmie and Jr. Johnson as far as talent, records, and faces of Nascar's greatests. Anyone who hates Kyle Busch is only doing him a favor, because I know first hand, that a person with that much determination, focus, and passion, loves to be hated by most, but liked by some. All of the hate for the kid is the greatest thing to ever happen for him, because it forces his ego to prove his critics wrong tenfold.

      Rock On Kyle, he is freeking awesome and he has taken a strict Sprint Cup watcher in me, and introduced me to all levels of Nascar. That, but not that alone, is what makes Kyle one of the greatest drivers in Nascar today.

    • My favorite drivers of all time...Richard Petty, Harry Gant, Tim Richmond, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett and Terry Labonte.

      My favorite active drivers: Kasey Kahne, Mark Martin, and Elliott Sadler.

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