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  • DanJohnson DanJohnson Feb 25, 2009 6:39 PM Flag

    too all dale jr bashers

    i found this post on Your Turn page on espn.com just wanted to see any commints on it: This is for the Junior bashers out there! Career stats: 328 races. 18 wins. 8 poles. 86 top 5s. 137 top tens. 43 DNFs. Avg finish 17.6. Avg start 15.0. 11 years racing. Compare that with drivers with about the same experience. Facts dont lie! He ranks better than Harvick, Kenseth, Waltrip, K. Busch, Giffle, Kahne, R. Gordon, Newman, McMurray, Mayfield. I don’t see how you can call him an average driver. The bashers just need a fall guy! He is not his dad! His numbers are among the best in this stable of racers. His numbers are better than 95 percent of his peers! That’s a great racer! That’s all!!!

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    • cool ! maybe can get a job pushing farvre's wheelchair...

    • GREAT POST DUDE!!! I love it when the facts speak. but remember the kylie fans will find a way to dis these FACTS, but you know how crybabies are. still get a laugh every time i watch the daytona and kylies little mishap oh was that a DNF?

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      • oh very funny you sailor fairy. You say you love how the facts speak yeah look at them where is Jr. ranked among them all. Pretty pathetic coming from the "greatest" driver in nascar. And its kind of pathetic Jr. came into nascar in 2000 and has 18 wins as apposed to kyle who came in 05 and already has 12 wins. Oh i'm sorry i forgot Jr is the all mighty untouchable. Maybe if you took your mouth off his dick you'd realize that. Oh and i'm willing to bet that kyle will have more wins then Jr. by the end of this year. Bringing it back to Daytona your right Kyle did have a DNF thanks to who's poor driving skills. For christ sakes he cant even pit. Pathetic excuse for a driver. Just because his father was a good driver does not mean he has the same skills which i can assure you he doesn't except for maybe the fact that they sure do know how to wreck people. At least his father did it purposely Jr reason is lack of skill. If Jr cant win a championship within 2 years might as well retire because even in the best equipment he is moving nowhere and its time for you stubborn retard Jr fans to cheer for a real racer.

    • Wow im glad to see someone put Jr in the class of Harvick, Kenseth, Waltrip, Kurt Busch, Biffle, Kahne, R. Gordon, Newman, McMurray, and Mayfield but you need to take Kenseth and Busch out of that mix because they both have cup championships. Something Jr has not and will not do ever. Dale Jr is just a average driver riding his daddys coat tails. You can give him the best of everything and he will find a way to F - - K it up and it wont ever be his fault (even if he misses his pit stall) (pits outside the box) (better yet dont tell the crew chief your car was messing up in final practice) and yet the rednecks still love the over-rated one. I will continue to bash this average driver week in and week out, its a shame it took a Jr fan to actually put him in the average driver category (must have been sober to figure it out) When you can put him in the elite driver category as Jeff, Jimmie, Tony, Martin who still has no championship but is an elite driver then lets talk until then its just Jr the average NASCAR driver.........

    • he's still an idiot and over rated, this is his year if he can't get his championship he may as well hang it up with mikey.

    • You are half right. 6 wins in 2004 IS nothing. Especially when you take in the fact that Dale Jr only has 3 wins SINCE that year! Also, Kenseth, who joined Jr as a rookie in the cup series in 2000, has just as many wins as Jr does, 2 fewer poles than Jr, 164 top tens vs Jr's 137 & 90 top 5's vs 86 by Jr. Along with a higher average finish and 1 championship! Jr's daddy was good at the destruction derby, but the "boy" just could not race a car. He could only win by running through everyone on the track like diarrhea, that's why he is most commonly known as a piece of sht!

      P.S. It's "Favre" not "Farve", mr big shot know it all fan of his, you would know that if you got your head out of the Earnhardt's asses and took a nice breath of fresh air!

    • thats because he wrecks everybody else

    • kasey kahne ,kyle busch and matt kenseth are all better drivers than dale jr. he is an average driver at best.

    • let me know wen he gets his championship....im pretty sure kenseth has a championship as well as kurt busch.......junior by far the most overrated driver ever in nascar. he gets in the best cars and still cant win a race. took him 2 years to win one race and it was one on fuel mileage???? start rooting for a real driver KYLE BUSCH............

    • This is the most ignorant message I have ever read. I feel really sorry for you. In one sentence you are talking about people who are morally wrong, in the next you are bashing someone who is no longer with us and wishing another dead. You have some major issues!!

    • For being such a fan of Favre you think you would spell his name correctly, Jr. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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