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  • It is too bad that Nascar decides the race on rain on a Sunday instead of pushing the race to Monday when a real racer would decide the win. All you posers that think Kenseth is a real racer are fools and should seek shelter like bears in the winter!!!! Kenseth doesn't have the manhood to compete with hard core racers' in the series. Post as you will but in your heart you realize that he will never reach the manhood of champions as the like of Petty, Earnhardt, Gordon, etc. He pretends to be a high level racer but he can't handle the heat when it comes to a championship.

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    • Yes Kenseth won a championship,but look what his so called championship brought about to Nascar.The points chase,due to the fact that the great minds that are Nascar decided that there will no longer be a champion that basically does not win a race.How close has he come to winning another since that change?Now I hated the #3 and #8 and love the fact that all those fans now have their son of the lord of racing on the very team they so loved to hate.But does it not make you all ponder the thought process behind calling the race so quickly as compared to other races in the past?I'm not a big conspiracy theory advocate,even when Jr. won the Daytona that fateful year and it looked very very fixed.But seems to me the ole cat in the hat was handed that Daytona 500 trophy for reasons not related to really racing into victory lane.Seems they evaluated who was in 1st and who would benefit from this and made the decision on this info.I've sat for 4 hours waiting on a rain delay and watched the race resume to finally being finished at 2am.Come on Helton it's the Daytona 500,not the Dayton dirt track 25 lap heater.I do understand the Kenseth fans thinking though(a wins a win).But just imagine this beside his name for this race there will always be one word that will take away a lot from his win"declared"!!!!!Not raced his way in but declared the winner due to weather.As for Jr's incident with Vickers,well all I can say is Its too bad for the other drivers who wrecked but kinda looked like Jr was reacting to Brians block and just trying to jerk the car back up into the track ,not hitting him intentionally.You can second guess both drivers actions and reactions but either way its part of racing and will probably happen again.We all know had that been one of our favorite drivers in Jr's shoes we would be hollaring "Vickers sucks".next time might be Matt the brat or Greg Sniffles,who knows.Now this is just my view of the whole thing and like assholes (some tend to act more like one than others)we all have an opinion.

    • Glad you caught it. At least someone in this thread can spell.

    • Who's your driver asshole??

    • I think you are just substituting your size with my kid. I don't look at my kid so I think I'm going to have you investigated.

    • matt not only has a championship but has made the chase every year sense it started which is more than i can say for the all mighty JR

    • I highly doubt that you would have this opinion if someone that you deem as worthy was leading after halfway and it rained was in the lead. Nascar has been very consistent it this rule, regardless of whether you personally sanctioned the rule. The bottom line is, it does not matter what you feel, no one will remember in a year and Matt's name will still be on the trophy.

      PS: There is no correlation between manhood and Nascar championships.

    • Sorry dude....he made his way from the back of the pack so in my eyes that is enough for me..........not that I am a fan or anything :)

    • ken l put the drugs away and come back to reality

    • Do you know how many races Matt has started?? 322 before the Daytona 500, do you know how many times he's finished in the Top 10?? 162, yep, OVER HALF THE RACES HE'S BEEN IN!!!

      By golly you're right, noone with those kind of stats has any business racing in the CUP series!!

      LOL!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!

    • man you really dont know much about racers or nascar ! Stay on that ban wagon, cause you dont know much else.

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