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  • MATT MATT Feb 15, 2009 6:36 PM Flag

    dale jr. is a dumbass!

    he should have been parked for 5 laps! he's just bitter because he doesn't know how to pit!

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    • Jr's FINALLY acting like his Daddy.........hell ya bout time.
      GO 88.....

    • No you're not. He made the better move to force Dale to pay for the move he tried. So he makes a good move, and poor ickle Dale can't handle that he's not the best driver in the world at every moment in time, so he wrecked him. This shit you talk about people "getting what they deserve" is bullshit. The "Intimidator" couldn't drive his ass out of his own driveway if he was turning left. He died because of the way he drove, what a surprise. Driving is not about "intimidating" the other drivers. So was Dale Sr. any good either? Hell no, wrecking people the way he did... he should've been on trial for attempted murder. And anyone who purposely wrecks any other driver on that track should too. And for the hell I'm surely to hear about my comment on Dale Sr.... piss off all the guy could do was drive in a circle, and wreck people out of his way. He couldn't win a road track, couldn't do it... the guys who can win those all the time are the best drivers hands down. Can't deal with my comment... visit my website... www.pissonyourownleg.com

    • Vickers shouldn't have come down to block so late. Jr had his a@@ and idiot Vickers panicked and tried to block and turned into jr's front end.
      Don't forget Vickers wrecked Johnson into Earnhardt to get his first b.s win a few yeas ago. Vickers is an idiot and deserved what he got. I don't care if Earnhardt had some pit issues, Vickers still made a stupid move because he knew he was going to get passed.
      Last time I checked Jeff Gordon and Earnhardt Jr are the two best restricter plate racers based on their wins, not Vickers or lucky a** like Kenseth who won under the rain shortened race.

    • dumbass or not...you think Vicker never saw him coming?! throwing his car when he was already in was totally stupid...they both took all those lead cars out...I dont care for Kyle and most but JJ got a piece too!

    • Vickers was supposed to block. It was for the Lucky Dog and rain was coming. If Vickers let him by and a caution came out, then Vickers would have been fucked.

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      • Well put homer. If the cars were reversed and the conditions the same (both a lap down, rain on the way), who's fault would it be then? Jr. for blocking or Vickers for not backing down and hitting the back end?

        And for those who posted of "at least he took Kyle Busch out" just because you hate him (which I do as well), you have to admit he did have the best car out there. And that made you scared, didn't it?

    • Nascrap shows no consistancy. Leffler gets parked 5 laps. JR. the Nascrap Gloryboy gets nothing. JR could have lifted. He had his head in his butt just like his whole crew did all day. What we're they smokin the night before the 500? The whole 88 team had there heads somewhere else. Sorry but Jr will never be what this Daddy was.

    • It was definently a gutsy move on Jr's part but you have to remember that this is the Daytona 500. It is something that any driver would have done givin the circumstances. I think the bigger complaint should be that NASCAR is way too inconsistant. I am a die hard Jr fan, and would have hated to see Jr penalized but it "could" have been correct call. I also think that ending the super bowl of racing on a judgement call is retarded! "It would have ended too late" is the excuse NASCAR officials used. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! They think that ending the Daytona week party is a good thing?

    • I had a real sour taste in my mouth about the whole Nascar scene last year. The commercialism and special treatment is more than I care to stomach. I felt like I was watching WWF.....but I thought I would give it another chance.

      I don't really have a favorite driver I just like the competetiveness and science of the sport. I have always been on the fence with JR. His fans drive me insane (proof positive of the redneck stereo type), but I thought he tried to rise above that and was just a driver.

      I am now convinced that he is just a spoiled crybaby wanna be driver, and NASCAR treats him with special gloves.

      I will not go out my way to watch another lap. Nascar has lost me.

    • all the more reason that vickers should have protected his ride instead of blocking someone that was pissed off. as a jr fan, which sucks i know, he could have let him go...five laps later jr would have done something else to beat himself, and vickers could have had a push to take it back, right? isn't that expression, 'don't poke the bear,' somewhat valid? i would have let him go and passed him when he got there in front and lost the draft...vickers should have raced the track, not junior...

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