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  • Jessie Jessie Feb 15, 2009 5:57 PM Flag


    Don't hate on JR just because he doesn't take CRAP off of anyone! They say blend back in..... if Vickers had of NEVER came down then this could have been avoided

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    • Jr. is one of my favorite drivers but let’s be honest here… Vickers has just as much right to defend his position as Jr. had to try and take it from him. They were both driving for the lead lap and wound up with an unfortunate outcome.

    • na matter about the wreck...every week is a crap shoot but nascar needs to act o the rules the same for everyone.they are worried about the money comming in is all.

    • Well guess you don't see the favortism in nascar? What about last night when Leffler got into Wallace in a much milder incident and was penalized 5 laps same should of happened to Jr. in this situation. Forget the penalties for pit road those all happen but the driver controls when he wants to try for a pass in a spot that is not appropiate Vickers had that lane Jr. would of had to to complete an illegal pass and go below the line. And yes Busch is known for wrecking people when his luck is bad and everyone jumps his ass all over this was just bad driving on Jr.s part and he didn't take blame for it. I have Jr. hat and gonna be hard to wear for a few weeks. lol

    • That statement shows how stupid you are

    • Never would have happened if JR learned how to enter pit road. He f-ed up twice, maybe go back to driving school. Vickers did what he had to do. EH Jr didn't have to bump to keep his position! Jr is a has been.

    • VICKERS needed it and JR gave it to him........... Right or Wrong............ night all

    • I am by all means one of the biggest Kyle Busch fans their is and I will tell you right now Kyle will not let this go. Jr. can count his days as numbered, he has merely become nothing more then a hitman for Nascar. Nascar provoked him and he acted upon it and crashed the most dominant Superspeedway driver in Nascar and you and everyone out there know it. Just because he didn't win the race doesn't mean that he wasn't the best. Nascar is finding ways around Kyle being so dominant though they have hired guns like Jr. to do their dirty work. I will learn from this in picking fantasy picks and move on to next week. I promise you though Kyle won't move on he will seek revenge on Jr. for the rest of the year, Jr might as well consider his season finished!!!!!

    • vickers tagged jr. on the block. jr came back on track and took him out. if you're going fast enough you dont HAVE to block. vickers already proved he dont know how to pass, took out jr & johnson at 'dega for his ONLY win. i just feel sorry for the collateral damage everyone else suffered. vickers is a punk!

    • I picked Dale Jr 2x's last year and he pulled similar "I forgot how to drive" techniques. I picked him today, and oh yea he forgot how to drive. Let's see missed pit stall, Pitted over the pit box line, and crashing the field leaders.

      Yes, Dale Jr has forgot how to drive!!!!!!!!

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