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  • Tinker Tinker Feb 3, 2009 10:21 PM Flag


    Am very interested. Still have an opening for a female?

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    • I do believe so, Tinker -

      Jest contact eddino at: eddino55@yahoo.com, he is easy and fun to talk with, and, if you so wish, will place you in a league with like-minded and friendly women racers, where you will race against a very fun group of guys, and put them where they belong - in second place, LOL! You will not regret it, as it is great fun to take the battle of the sexes to the race-track!

      - Joanie

    • Greetings Tinker,

      Eddino takes care o signin up arr playmates.


      and he should be along in a bit arr ye might want ta send him a message in a bottle(email). His leagues arr fun. Hope ta see ya soon.

      Eddino ...... put Tinker in a league with me ... shiver me timbers

      Joanie, so ye've heard of Sparrow
      Now ye can say ye've heard of Steven Starr

      • 1 Reply to RumPirate
      • Well, let me jest say to the pirate man whom sent me pictures of him in full pirate garb - I understand your strategy, Cap'tin - it were to make me weak in the knees before the racin' began - but I am not a new-born filly - you are fine, to be sure, but I shall still hold my ground! Or, deck, as the case may be....

        And, jest as you are feeling your oats, I shall send you pictures of ME, and watch you loose your balance, ROLF!


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