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    Just do it left turn clyde need racers

    check out our champioship format 17 minutes ago WELCOME ALL RACE FANS....to join all you need is Group #7215 and password is 1234....the team is called The White Flag II

    Posted by: KEGSTERS

    First off,Welcome to the WHITE FLAG II, good luck and welcome everybody to another great season of racing. This is our 2nd season of THE WHITE FLAG,and since its our second season with lots of returning players then we are calling it the WHITE FLAG II and I think we have a really good format for this year again. Before I get to the rules, a couple of requests.

    1. If you would like to leave this league, please just give me a post on the message board OR AT Kegsters@hotmail.com so I can find a replacement.
    2. I assume we have all sorts of people here, so I would appreciate it if the posts were kept reasonably appropriate. Feel free to trash talk etc., but just remember we’ve got wives, moms, sisters, kids, etc… playing and I would like it so all no matter what age,etc. can enjoy the conversations and updates. One thing that will not be tolerated are any RACIST COMMENTS,AND VERY BAD LANGUAGE etc. I don't want to have to boot anyone. Otherwise, have fun.

    Rules of the Game:

    1. There are two races going on at the same time. One race we are calling the __SPRINT CUP__ is to be the only team not eliminated during the season. The other race we are calling it the __WINSTON CUP__ and is for the most points scored and is where you end up when eliminated from the SPRINT GROUP for the entire season. This year again, you will not need to modify your name if you are eliminated. You can just keep racing for the WINSTON championship.
    2. There will be no eliminations for the first 3 races of the season. After the 4th race, the 8 teams with the lowest total cumulative score will be eliminated. This will give everybody an opportunity to recover from one,or two bad races.
    3. From week 4 on, we will eliminate the 2 lowest cumulative scores of those racers still in the SPRINT elimination competition. We will continue to eliminate the 2 lowest cumulative scores until we get to where there is one more team than races left, then we will eliminate 1 per week. We will end up with 11 teams in the SPRINT (Chase) for the final 10 races, and a heads up on our last 2 drivers on the final week. The winner for the SPRINT CUP will be the one team not eliminated.
    4. During the SPRINT (Chase), we will switch from the lowest cumulative score being eliminated to the lowest score for that week being eliminated.If there is a tie that week then the TEAM with the most points for the season continues to the following week and the team with the least points is eliminated.Manage your teams carefully so you have some good starts left at the end!
    5. Were doing the “LUCKY DOG” provision again this year. Here’s how it works: All eliminated drivers in the WINSTON CUP can get back into the (SPRINT) elimination competition by having the high score for that week. If any eliminated driver(s) posts the high score for that week, they will be reentered into the SPRINT elimination competition and then we will eliminate 1 or more extra drivers the next week. The “LUCKY DOG” provision is in effect only until we get to the SPRINT Chase, then those 11 drivers who make it are locked in.
    6. I will post an update each week by Monday or Tuesday at the latest of who is eliminated and who is still in the competition........OK so...

    That’s it, I think? Please post any questions you have. If something doesn’t make sense, let me know. I think I have covered it all, but I could be missing something.


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