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  • Roushkateers Roushkateers Jan 22, 2009 6:33 PM Flag

    2009 Predictions whatcha think

    There is are several drivers that could lead the season going into the chase, but I think that it will be Cousin Carl. However, once you get in the chase, you have to be good on those handful of tracks. This format favors Jimmy Johnson, so you have to make him the favorite. Additionally, they have not lost anything and have the best communication between a crew chief and driver. Not to mention the fact that they have as much resources as any team, makes them a perennial favorite. The most likely to overthow JJ's reign is Carl, he has the drive and if he can learn to get decent finishes at Dega, he has a good shot at the prize. Mark Martin will have a respectable run, but no championship.

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    • How can anyone say JJ will be that consistant 3 years in a row i have to say yes uit will be HMS again but i fell it will fall in one of the other hands this year....Like my boy JR or i really have a gut feeling about Gordon hes going to try to finish up strong....