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    2009 Predictions whatcha think

    I know a lot of the predictions look weird sometimes but I have a gut feeling Stremme will win a race, Busch, Edwards and Johnson will only win twice, and Dale JR and David Ragan will both have amazing seasons.Logano will be rookie of the year ...Gordon will possibly win the Chase being he is close to the end of his Career...Now let me hear your prediction....Oh yeah and Mac will have a Decent year

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    • everyone ot there has some good thoughts. just to put mine in, i will make some more detailed predictions later, but johnson and edwards will more than likely dominate. kyle will get a few, jr. will be relevant again, logano will be ensured by nascar calls to win roty, maybe even a race. he just needs to show some patientce and finish some races near the front first for me to be convinced. i actually am pulling for speed to win roty, but i know who the sport will allow to win. yes stremme could win, more than likely on a flat track like pocono, louden, or phoenix. for your longshot of the year go with ambrose on a road course, more than likely watkins glen. robby's manufacturer change MIGHT get him in the top-30. lol. Look for biffle in the 500 to start us off. let's go racing, and go #18.

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      • Well, it’s that time of the year again. The roar of the engines is filling the air in Daytona. The NASCAR sprint cup series is ready to kick off another season. And I’m getting ready to humiliate myself again by predicting the winner of every race. Last season I got two whole races right. I picked Jimmie Johnson at Phoenix in the spring, and repeated the exercise in the fall. So on that note, I have a lot of room to improve. Here goes nothing.

        Bud Shootout- Carl Edwards shows new plate racing skills.
        Daytona 500- Kasey Kahne new teammates help out.
        Auto Club 500- Clint Bowyer gets first intermediate win.
        Shelby 427- Carl Edwards back to back in Vegas
        Kobalt Tools 500- Kasey Kahne picks up his second Atlanta win.
        Food City 500- Jimmie Johnson survives Bristol.
        Goody’s Fast Relief 500- Jeff Burton wins in his home state.
        Samsung 500- Kyle Busch slow starter this season.
        Subway Fresh Fit 500- Denny Hamlin likes the flat tracks.
        Aaron’s 499- Carl Edwards looking at home on the plate tracks.
        Crown Royal YNH 400- Kyle Busch finishes the job at Richmond.
        Southern 500- Jeff Gordon finally breaks the streak.
        Sprint All-Star Race- Juan Pablo Montoya, ha ha ha! Sorry couldn’t resist.
        Coca Cola 600- Kasey Kahne wins second consecutive 600.
        Dover 400- Jeff Gordon back on track again.
        Pocono 500- Kevin Harvick gets first career Pocono win.
        Lifelock 400- Kyle Busch wins Michigan.
        Toyota Savemart 350- David Gilliand was second last season, give him a chance here.
        Lenox Industrial tools 301- Kasey Kahne is having a great season.
        Coke Zero 400- Clint Bowyer wins at Daytona.
        Lifelock.com 400- David Ragan finally breaks through into the win column.
        Allstate 400 @the Brickyard- Juan Pablo Montoya becomes the first to win at Indy in three different series.
        Pennsylvania 500- Kasey Kahne is on fire this summer.
        Centurion Boats @ the Glen- Clint Bowyer is winning on every type
        of track.
        Michigan 400- Kyle Busch sweeps the Michigan races.
        Sharpie 500- Kyle Busch finishes the deal in Bristol.
        Pep Boys Auto 500- Carl Edwards flips over an Atlanta victory.
        Chevy Rock & Roll 400- Kasey Kahne rolls into the chase in 2009.
        Sylvania 300- Greg Biffle starts chase off strong again.
        Dover 400- Jimmie Johnson shows up to the party again.
        Kansas 400- Greg Biffle has won here before.
        Pepsi 500- Dale Earnhardt Jr. okay I picked him to finally win one.
        Bank Of America 500- Jeff Burton won this race last season.
        Tums Fast Relief 500- Kyle Busch gets fired up for a win on the paperclip.
        Talladega 500- Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Dega. ‘nuff said.
        Dickies 500- Kevin Harvick finally returns to victory lane.
        Checker auto parts 500- Jeff Burton finishing up strong for RCR.
        Ford 400- Jimmie Johnson does it again in winning fashion.
        The final standings.
        1. Jimmie Johnson gets his record setting fourth straight title.
        2. Kyle Busch
        3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
        4. Jeff Gordon
        5. Matt Kenseth
        6. Jeff Burton
        7. Carl Edwards
        8. Denny Hamlin
        9. Kasey Kahne
        10. Greg Biffle
        11. Clint Bowyer
        12. Kevin Harvick
        13. David Ragan just misses the chase again.
        Well, those are my guesses. I guess we’ll see together. Let’s go racin’ boys!

      • Interesting comments, but we are all looking at the obvious drivers. Kyle was the one big suprise from last year, who will that be for 2009? Certainly BD's prediction of Stremme winning a race fits that bill. I see David Ragan, getting over the hump and into the winners circle.

    • Stremme win a race ZZZ ZZZ ZZZZZ. that's funny. I got some ocean front property in Arizona too.

    • There is are several drivers that could lead the season going into the chase, but I think that it will be Cousin Carl. However, once you get in the chase, you have to be good on those handful of tracks. This format favors Jimmy Johnson, so you have to make him the favorite. Additionally, they have not lost anything and have the best communication between a crew chief and driver. Not to mention the fact that they have as much resources as any team, makes them a perennial favorite. The most likely to overthow JJ's reign is Carl, he has the drive and if he can learn to get decent finishes at Dega, he has a good shot at the prize. Mark Martin will have a respectable run, but no championship.

    • I think the same ten people will be in the top ten the majority of the time like they always are but I think one of the new younger racers they keep bringing up one the SPEED channel is actually gonna drive well enough to make a run at it atleast.......
      .....I just think one of these younger driver's from a racing family will use years of racing knowledge combined with today's new age training techniques and a little bit of youthful cockiness and give it a good shot this year..... professional athletes are getting younger and younger and other than age driving restrictions........I think some of the race winners and champions will too.

      The nationwide series is beginning to show alot of promise in the next crop of nascar's finest...... they may not be able to tear down an engine quite like their grandpa did.......but once that green light goes down....they race wth the same fire.......I like that

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      • On top of Logano......anyone that saw him drive last year knows he has the talent. As long as he drives inteligently and his team runs well too, he has a real shot.......but i think another star is gonna arise this year....... I don't see as much fire in nascar as I did say 15 yrs ago because of the race and cup setups.........I haven't ever been a huge follower of nascar, but I used to watch it alittle more often and recently got back into it because of the fantasy game. But I think nowadays one year of good team racing and a little bit of childhood cockiness if used responsibly will show itself this season in a positive manner........

        also...........I don't think it will be that trouser snake muching crybaby Kyle Busch, so don't think I think thats a possiblility

    • You gotta gO with JR to win it all hes dew and the Weasel finishes dead last ....roll on Jr nation

    • You have to go with the 48 to be the favorite to win the championship since he one it 3 years in a row. Behind him is probably Edwards. I don't think Johnson will have a 4 peat since it has never happened before but he has the best shot. I don't want to be bias since I am an RCR and a Harvick fan but if RCR can get more speed to go with their consistency, Harvick or Burton will be in the discussion as much as Johnson and Edwards. Most likely a Roush or Hendrick car will win this year. It would be cool to see Mark Martin to win this year.

    • I like your predictions but i am going to say watch out for Mr. Mark Martin. He is going to be dangerous this season with Hendrick. I think Mears might have a turn around season with RCR and I also agree with you that David Ragan will have a great season winning his first race at least.

      My prediction for your champion is going to have to be my favorite Kevin Harvick. He had a solid year last year and he is always a contender.

    • Riding you dont know nothing i am great with predictions i do it every year and JGR will win it all either Logano or to you Mr.Kyle Bush.....what do you think about that big guy

    • NO way i say Logano wins it all just so he shows Tony hes the real deal


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