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    Stewart predictions for 500

    So what does everyone think Stewart will do with his new team @ Daytona. He has always been good there. Will his team and him click that quick. being he will probably be in B class this year he might make the list of 4 but I'm not to sure I'll use him. I guess I know better in 2 weeks. I don't think he'll get a top ten though. Maybe a top 20. That is my prediction for 500 around 18th. Newman will wreck. Anybody else got any predictions.


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    • Stewart finishes 6th, Newman finishes 12th......... both make the Chase, Stewart finishes 3rd, Newman finishes 7th...........
      if this does happen l deserve a BONUS!!!
      Stewart is a LEADER period....... car companies have always listened to him, even Pontiac....... so YES, Stewart and Toyota click straight out of the box.......

    • my prediction
      you will OD on precription drugs before the age of 40 ............
      Hope not but man get real .............

    • I think Stewart will do good at Daytona. He has Hendrick equipment.

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      I wonder if he'll poop himself this year.

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      • One of the funnier things that I saw last year was a segment on SPEED where the drivers very honestly answered the question of what they do when they have to "use the facilities" and the car has none. Cain't remember what driver it was (a well-known NASCAR name) who explained it is harder to pee yourself than you cain imagine, you have to wait for a caution and then really relax. But the funniest was some guy who talked about doing a 24-hour race with Kurt Busch, everyone doing an eight hour shift. Apparently, Kurt made a "stinky", and the guy was still FURIOUS about it, because the car smelled so bad when he got in. That particular driver wasn't American, cain't remember what sort of accent he had, but he was very humorlessly ranting away in fury at Kurt for that. It was so funny!

        Well, I'm supposed to be running errands, but there are re-runs of the CORR series on TV, which means that Evan Evans may be up soon, and I do love me some Evan Evans!

    • The economic changes and reduced of testing are going to be especially hard on a new team. I feel sorry for Tony, this is going to be a tough year to start a new team.

    • I am in a hold pattern for Stewart. Actually, he probably has as good a chance as any at Daytona, just because it is a restrictor plate track. Tony is a good drafter and is respected by his peers, so he will get drafting help. He will have Hendrick equipment, but then so did Haas Racing. Because it is Daytona, we will get a sneak preview in qualifying and the qualifying race during speed week. This will give you a guess as to what they can do. IF he is moved to the B group, he might be a good bet, but if he stays in the A Group, there are probably better options. He has always been a better second half driver and you may be best served to see what he does in the first half, before you jump on the SHR bandwagon.

    • I think that the team will get solid top tens, unless wreck happen you know. Newman will be a shot to win, being in better stuff this year than last, and seeing what he did i wouldn't be a bit surprised if he pulls it off again.

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      • you really think that SHR has better minds and set ups then Penske. I don't. I think that pit crew problems and setups will become a factor which will hurt both of them. That and the fact this car is not the best passing car ever put on a track. That leads to a newmanesk mistake. You think that is was newman that gave the car the edge then why was Busch doing so will too. could it be Penske knows a little bit more about setup. They both can do amazing things somedays. Yet on the same track they have done stupid things also. So I'm leaning towards failure because everything is new. I think they will screw a pit up thinking they are still 20 and 12. LOL.


    • Let's be real about two things - 1) Stewart and Newman will be a drafting duo that will get to the front at Daytona. Will they stay there and win, well, last year Newman pulled off the victory by drafting with a teammate to pass Stewart, so if the two of them get to the front a win is possible. My question is, will Stewart act as an owner in that situation and get Newman to the front, or will the never die attitude take the win?
      2) Do we really believe that Stewart will drop to the "B" drivers list? I mean, he may have struggled last season, but he did finish in the top ten in the points standings. However, will Yahoo! look at Stewart due to past performance, or as a driver with a new team? If they look at him due to his performance and past championship, he should be on the "A" list. But if he is considered based on starting fresh with a new team, then he should be a "B" lister.
      I say just put him on the "C" list and do us all a favor!!! LOL!

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      • Lets be real Stewart will be trying to get his nose up jr's butt. while jimmie and jeff will be doing the same. only time will tell and speed weeks will give them some what of a chance to get the set up right. I just don't think they will have enough gel to keep the car good for 500 miles though. Both of them have a nemesis or 2. I think stewart will out do newman because he isn't quite a pushy as newman. I still can't believe they are team mates. I keep thinking back to newman being laps down and taking stewart out while he was leading the race. Maybe thats why he did it. so he wouldn't do that again. LOL.


      • Ok yes they can both draft, this is true. I base my thoughts on the fact that with the exception of the beady eyed weasel teams take time to gel. Newman is a all or nothing and if his crew chief doesn't keep his car just right he tends to get into trouble. I used to be a Newman fan but he somehow lost his edge. do you really think Penske doesn't have good Equipment or SHR will have better? And hey I could be wrong. It is a whole lot better to argue over this then ask unanswerable questions though, isn't it?


    • One thing about Tony - when he makes up his mind to win, he wins....one of the things that struck me was two years back, one of the announcers said, "you could give Tony a cockroach and he'd figure out how to drive it for the win". That guy has more success jest WILLING himself to win than about any racer I've ever seen.

      But, since he will have such a huge burden on his back as an owner-racer, and so many new elements of his team to put together, I'm thinking it'll be awhile before he wins or is even consistent...but he I think he will WILL himself to put on a good show in the 500. I'm saying to 5, at least top ten.

      (The mouse on this computer is all screwed up, I'm gonna go give it bath, and then it it doesn't behave, bye-bye mousie....)

    • +1

      Having less a team which means a smaller budget might not be that bad of a deal now that team can no longer test.....

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