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  • Roushkateers Roushkateers Jan 8, 2009 9:50 AM Flag

    Tommy Baldwin Racing

    Amidst all the termoil, foreclosures and mergers of the off season, Tommy Baldwin has announced that he is starting a new race team for 2009. Tommy is the former crew of Ward Burton, Jimmy Spencer and Kasey Kahne. He and Ward teamed to win the 2002 Daytona 500.

    Baldwin is no stranger to team ownership as he formed a successful Nationwide program which he later sold to what is now known as Gillette-Evernham Motorsports. He will secure his Sprint Cup engines in 2009 from Arrington Manufacturing who works closely with Toyota. Baldwin had worked with Joey Arrington of Martinsville, VA during his Nationwide days.

    Baldwin is excited about his new program, "With tough economic times upon us, the timing for starting this team is right. Our overhead is low and we have a great group of talented mechanics and specialists to choose from. We can offer sponsors the chance to get into Sprint Cup racing at a fraction of the costs, without compromising on-track performance, due to our low overhead," Baldwin said.

    Dave Blaney is projected to be the driver. He was able to keep the Bill Davis car in the top 35 the past couple of years. How successful can they be, is yet to be seen. A top 35 standing would be a good season for them. Best of luck to Tommy and the boys.

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    • How about jj yeley the kid can drive its funny that the 18 car had all and the 11 & 20 cars didnt
      and 96 after jj was gone could not get in the show even with the great joey behind the wheel my vote is for jj

    • I'm thinking it is interesting that the two single-car Sprint Cup Racing teams this year (Baldwin and Gordon) will both be going with Toyota.

      I'm thinking Toyota is the only manufacturer that has big bucks to put behind its Sprint teams. I think that last year, they were providing 3 dollars to every one provided by Chevy, Ford, and Dodge - anyone remember if that was the correct figure? - and that the discrepancy will only become bigger as the "classic American" auto manufacturers are forced to withdraw financial support from NASCAR due to their economic crises.

      So, being with Toyota will pro'bly give Gordon's and Baldwin's teams an edge.

      Sigh. As I've frequently stated, I'm a die-hard GM girl, so I'm not real happy about this state of affair, but how I feel doesn't matter in the Big Picture - Toyota seems to have the edge right now.

      Anyone out there got any thoughts about all this?

    • Felt the urge to bump this thread, see if anyone knows anything new....

    • Thanks for the info, RK! A very exciting post!!!!!

      Kart, you are like me, optimistic where Dave Blaney is concerned! I do like that guy, and think that with good equipment, he could put in a fine showing, and hope he runs this year, and that our faith in him is realized...

    • 1st thing to do is get rid of blaney! Maybe go for labonte or if sadler gets released. Or maybe riggs he got sold out twice and never had a chance to get settled in anywhere in his career!


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