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  • Oh My Amoss Oh My Amoss Dec 19, 2008 2:43 PM Flag

    Alone again

    yah thats gonna stink hey motor i bet my great great great great grear great great grandpa likes that song enen if I knew him lol.

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    • Hey, Lookie Here!

      Little Lichen almost made a funny. With a little attention to grammer and diction, he might get it!

      Does anyone remember that kid whose screen name was "F*** You", only without the asterisks? He used to take over the board in the most "IDOT" ways possible. Then, one day, he had a moment of sheer funny brilliance! I think he only used two or three words, but he nailed it! He disappeared shortly there-after.

      I guess it was along the lines of, "If a million monkeys typed for a million years, one of them would type Shakespeare"...


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