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  • MoToR® MoToR® Nov 17, 2008 9:30 PM Flag

    Last Call @ MoToR's Bar & Grill

    Back by popular demand. Stop by and say hello's, good bye's, thank you's And If you have to F you's. Its a free for all last chance to be a part of the party.


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    • Hopefully it's not the last call, but around here the cobwebs are growing

    • Wow the old costume is still floating around out here... LoL.


    • I just flew in.

      Man are my arms tired. budumpt tssss.

    • Ha I got my name top post. LOL.

    • Haha - I was going to report myself for the same thing, glad to see you beat me to it, a definite oversite! My only excuse is, between the whikey and the cold, I only had about one quarter of a functional brain last night.

      I love this little company I'm working with, they've really got heart. But they're in the snow-belt, and it's been belting snow for days. AND, the economy is hitting them hard, so they don't have $, so they don't have propane, and they heat their shop with propane. You cain only plug in so many electrical space-heaters before the fuses blow.....geez, it's a balmy 58 degrees in here right now. Think I need to learn how to dress for the weather - does Victoria's Secret make thermal underwear? - J/K. Or not.

    • To use the new "in-phrase" around this deader than a cheese-head board: Atta boy, Boobie! You have been reported for making me smile so hard my face hurts when it should be numb from that cheap whiskey I been sipping.

      Guess I should have said, I always use a proxy for my email IP, or something like that, but oh shit, I don't really care a damn bit what I say anymore around here, since there are very few people to read it, and I'm not sure that I ever cared to begin with.....

      Haha- it is good to see you around here still, you're one of those special people I would have asked to sign my yearbook if I'd been around when everyone was saying their goodbyes! Anyway, as long as you, me, Mr. Ed, Bucky, and Smokey are still signing on occasionally, I think we got us a small party. Be fun if Da Goat, RK, and Motor stopped by once in awhile, but they'll be back when the action picks up....

    • You have been reported for using " proxys for email"

      You have been reported a second time for not knowing what proxies are.....LOL

      This place is dead as a cheese head in the playoffs

    • I appreciate your thoughtfulness, K-v-n! I'm getting a lot less skittish as time goes on, but I'll never stop being security-conscious....(if anyone else is reading this and didn't read the other post about a it between Mr. Ed and me, I had a real horror-movie-type stalker a few years back, it seriously took about five years off my life, he hacked all my personal and professional accounts, threatened to kill people that were close to me, terrorized me in a lot of creative ways - it was the real deal. He has since been arrested and so on, but something like that never leaves you, I am still a nervous wreck about some things....). The funny thing is, you cain't find me professionally as "joaniereb" - because that name is considered to be racist by some! If I thought it offended anyone, I wouldn't use it, but it's been my nickname for as long as I cain remember, and I kinda like it.

      Anyway, did you get the two emails that I sent you? I thought I explained a little there, but knowing me, I played it kind of close to the vest. If you got those, then I have your correct address, and cain send another with more detail. I do use a proxy (security paranoia again ) on my email addy, and that sometimes interferes with things going thru....

      Anyway, I ain't afeered of you....Yet. ROFL & J/K.

      I'm a-goin' home Monday. In the meantime, I'm kinda cold and miserable out here. But I know they have a whiskey cabinet somewhere, and I think I'll go look for it, pour myself four fingers, and come back to see if anyone out in cyber-space wants to play tonight....

      Haha- I hate it when I cain't figure something out to, got a damned obsessive streak sometimes....usually, "why won't this damned piece of machinery work hoiw I want it to", LOL!

    • I love this thread.....

      Hey Joanie, I hate when I can't figure something out. Can you give me a hint what industry you work in? I was going to find you online, but with past history, I thought it would be too creepy.


    • Hey Y'All! I've been really sad about not being able to join in the End of Season Festivities. But Shit Happened. I left home to help out some "friendly competitors" (who came to me&mine's rescue in our time of need a few months back - returning favors is a GOOD thing!) for a couple of weeks with nothing but my sidekick for computer-company. I figured I'd run into plenty of computers along the way, as is usually the case. This time, no such luck, not for personal use, anyway. And while I can read the posts from this site off my sidekick, for some reason it will NOT let me post, jest times out. I feel like a high school kid who has missed yearbook signing....

      But, Y'All have added a lot to my year, and many of you have become very special people to me - in the GOOD sense of the word (if you don't know who you are, you have serious self-esteem issues and I suggest you get help with that), so I didn't want to jest disappear without wishing All my best and saying "Have a great summer, see you next year", or something like that.

      Anyway, I'm in some tiny little rural library where they had mercy on me and gave me a guest account for today; my 'puter time's almost up, got to run...

      Hopefully this board will still be up and running when I get back next Monday, but if not - Y'All take care, now. Well, take care, no matter what....hopefully, I'll be able to mix it up a bit more with Y'All before the board shuts down.

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