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  • Boobie™ Boobie™ Nov 19, 2008 9:16 PM Flag

    Last Call @ MoToR's Bar & Grill

    Motor walked into this bar, But I ducked...

    i walked in here one day with a set of jumper cables over my shoulder, the 1st thinh Motor told was....." Hey Boobie, you better not start nothing in here"......

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    • Through it all, It was a great year wasn't? You forced me to learn plenty this year. We fought a vicious battle and the one thing I never said was, Thank You. I will take the wisdom you have given and the knowledge I taught myself and hold my secrets. Just as you have. Together we found peace. Against each other we all most destroyed the board. I Know I will see you at NASCAR NATION this winter. I'm all ready tailgating for Feb. LOL.

      Yes there was a time you were told not to start something. Now We say what are we going to start today. LMAO. I can't wait to see who becomes the Funny Dummies next year. LOL. Did you like me vanquishing God. LOL. Just wanted one more notch under my belt. That and I got tired of him and his antics. Besides how many people can say they Vanquished God and be proud of it. LOL. His remarks were only here to piss people off. So I figured I would return the favor.



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