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    Personal Favorite moments

    Question of the Day.......I'm going to share w/you a couple of my favorite personal experiences then compare w/yours.......

    1) Went To Toronto , Canada to a Daytona 500 party. We even had our shorts! Very cold walking down the street after a few beers! Lots of fun
    2) Broke my leg the day before I was going to fly out to Phoenix for the race. The race was over before I got out of the hospital! (I got to go the next year and had a riot)
    3) Beach Front Property for a week during the July race in Daytona! Lots of Fun!

    Hope I have a few to read during the race tomorrow.
    gotta go now, see ya all later!

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    • Kyle Busch wrecking Jr. at Richmond was great, but here's my all time favorite. JJ winning his 3rd championship and I'm going to say "I told you guys" that JJ was going to win.

    • I have to say that the 07 All Star Race stands out the most when Kurt and Kyle wrecked each other. I was there and the place went crazy!!!!!!! Definitely not a favorite but a most memorable moment.

      Let me say that a lot of people don't like Kyle but we have a teenager in our church that has had to have a liver and kidney transplant. Kyle sent a substantial check to a breakfast fund raiser to help the family. Then, the grandfather had given his dodge p/u to his ailing grandson. Kyle took it and had it painted, flames added, wheels, etc. Completely changed my opinion of him. He is a good guy. The young man is doing better but is in and out of the hospital often.

    • Oh man waaay too many to list for me but from the fans' side of the fence I would have to say "camping out" in the infield at Pocono with my friend Tim in a Nissan Sentra :-) - my first Winston Cup race and of course we were woefully unprepared for the "camping experience", but it was "interesting" for sure sleeping in the reclined front seats, especially with the relatively constant barrage of fireworks going off throughout the night.

      Another similar experience was at Watkins Glen the following year - a solo mission, this time in a Buick Regal, so slightly more comfortable but not really... The biggest thing was the quest for ice Saturday night - I went alllllll around WG & the surrounding area trying to find ice and no stores had any. I even met up with the same people on the same quest at different stores :-D There were rumors of ice at various locations and I finally did find some after, oh, at least a couple hours of searching.

      On the pit wall side of things, like I said way too many to mention but probably the most memorable, tho' not a "personal favorite" by any means, was being part of J.D.McDuffie's crew at Watkins Glen in 1991 :'-(

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      • WOW Cliff: Great Moments, Sounds like you need a tent! That w/an air mattress and you're set! add a canopy and your enven ready for the rain! I love the camping part of the weekend. The ice story sounds familiar, ours was beer when they don't sell beer till after noon on sundays:) lol Learned to take more beer then I could drink!

        BUT your last memory gave me chill bumps! You were on his team? Was that the fateful day?:( I was watching the race that day. OMG soooo sad and how that car went up roof to roof (if I remember right) Can't remember who the guy in the top car was but I also remember that being the same place Tommy Kendalls wheel flew off his intrepid and he broke his leg. Thats when they put in the chicane! Thank you so much for your memory and obviously my broken leg was nothing to what you lost that day!

      • Hey there buckeyes,

        Oh yeah.. I went to the Cup event at Kansas this year. I was sitting in the upper tier of turn four just about where the pit road entrance line is located when Carl pulled that balls out move on Jimmie..

        I gotta say it made a believer out of me that Carl is a championship type of driver! It was so awesome, the sound of impact echoed off the pits and through the stands.. It was a huge moment in NASCAR! Some people cheered and some of us groaned in unison.. It definitely brought us all to our feet!

        The ticket packages are really messed up in the "Land of Oz.." I've been to the truck races also where the shared event tickets are prevalent. I guess they had to come up with some way to sell tickets on IRL day, and what better way? Sell combo package tickets with the truck series.. Hell everybody knows the trucks will fill the stands. The little skateboards on steroids? Not so much.. Sitting through the IRL practice was enough for me to know I didn't want to sit through 3 hours of follow the leader by those guys and gals. They excellerate quick and are quite a bit faster, but hell it appears almost anyone can drive one. I mean dammit man! Even "One Problem", Carpantier, and Villinueve were dominant over there!! What does that say about the racing in that series? Must have something to do with ease of control.. IRL drivers rarely spin in the turns, however the IRL transplants are always sideways or shoving a fender into someone in NASCAR. I'd say the little cars must be easier to drive judging by the proformance of all the IRL greats who have tried thier hand in NASCAR!! (I bet that pisses some people off this morning!! LMAO!!!)

    • Well I would say when My son hit his first homerun. After coaching him all season, he made the allstar team his first time at 8 (Granted it took 3 years to get him there. but politics in baseball are bad.) I was a coach on the allstar team I pulled him off before going to bat told him this guy was throwing his pitch. This was his chance to show everyone who he was. I told him be steady and look at the 1st pitch and time it. He did that then fouled off 2. With 2 strikes he looked at the pitch I thought it looked good. My heart stopped everyone seen me pull him off before he went to the plate. The ump was slow with the call but said wide of the strike zone. My son just looked at me and smiled. turned looked at the pitcher wand did that wave of his bat I learned to love. Swung and drove the ball deep over the opposite field for a 2 run shot to take the lead in the 8th. It was 1 of only 2 homerun's in that tournament.

      My son in his first year of Football on offense. His 2nd year out at football he was placed as kick off returner and running back. His first game on the first kick off. He runs a 60 yard kick off return and scored 2 other touch downs. Not to mention the sacks he got in that game. He was known for this from the year before when he was straight defense.

      I have to throw my daughter in there too. The 1 st time I ever seen her play the bells with 4 mallets I was stunned. I didn't even know there was a style where you held more then 1 mallet in your hand.

      Also this year when my 4'11 105 pound daughter said she wanted to play tenners (those of you who don't have band geek children or wasn't one like me. Its the 5 drums you carry in front of you as you march.) I Had a long heart to heart about it with her. Those drums weigh about 50 pounds. It would take a lot of strength and balance to hold play march in time in a position one stumble could be catastrophe. She was adimit she would do what ever it took. I warned her how she would hurt from the pressure points where the drums would rest and she said she would deal with it. She has 2 more times left to carry those drums and to see her do it everyone is stunned. She suffered bruises and carried them being under the weather. I don't know how she even does it but when I hear the band I understand why. To me she did something I didn't even think she could do. I guess that is why I'm so proud of my children they always seem to amaze me how they do what they set out to do.

      I guess I did one thing right in this life. Those are my kodak moments. That and stealing probably the reason my children are they way they are, My wife. I stole her away from a wedding 2 weeks before hand. 21 years later she still deals with me. thats a hole nother story though. LOL.


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      • No, I wasn't at those events.. I didn't realize that was the conditions of the question at hand. I also thought it was NASCAR moments..

        I'm not going to open my life up on this message board, so I will stick to the basics of NASCAR events and give my personal account of presence..

        Carl at Kansas slamming the wall in turn four trying to pass Jimmie coming to the checkered flag was pretty cool. TV did not do that justice!! He hit hard! It echoed throughout the stands.. Pretty cool.

        Sitting in the stands while everyone booed JPM's pole run at Kansas ranks right up there also. (Sidenote.. JPM was found to have a illegal set-up that day which actually justified the hail of boo's!! LOL!!)

        Watching a young Clint Bowyer run his Flint Hills Towing #79 modified at Thunder Hill Speedway in Mayetta, Kansas rocked also!! The boy was awesome!!

    • I know these will show my age, but who cares? (Except #5.)

      1.) Dale Sr. winning the Daytona 500.
      2.) Alan Kulwiki winning the championship.
      3.) Bill Elliott coming from two laps down at Talledega for the win with no cautions or the "Lucky Dog".
      4.) Every race that "The King" and "Silver Fox" participated in.
      5.) Bowyer's first Cup win at New Hampshire last year.

    • Why would breaking a leg end up in a personal favorite moment? Breaking leg and missing race wouldn't rank up there for me.


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