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  • MoToR® MoToR® Nov 4, 2008 9:53 PM Flag

    So long U.S. welcome to A.S.S.

    American Socialist States.

    Hide your money now. You wanted change. Well you fools failed to think about the fact, change isn't always better. Get your pennies together you will need them.


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    • This was fun to go back and read. I feel psychic or is that psycho? LoL.


    • Wow do I apologize for my serious ignorance on this subject. I was so naive i never even knew. I really wish I could go back and bltchsiap my a$$ in those days.

    • That is a bunch of Crap!!! Republicans held control of Congress from 1996-2006 you cannot tell me that the economy went to hell and a hand basket from January 20, 2007-November 2008 because Bush had no support from Congress!!! Bush had full rein as the "Decider" to do what he wanted from January 2001-January 2007. The republicans lost control of control of Congress because of the billions of dollars spent on the war in the name of supporting our troops only to find out our troops did not have the equipment they needed and in some cases enough food, while the billions of dollars went to corporation contractors like Haliburtin. Our economy is not the result of Congress stabbing him the back! They had 10 years and they managed to take a budget surplus and make it the largest deficit in history. Bin Laden has been quoted many times that the worst Americans can suffer is through their pockets...he is still free and all you can do is blame a guy who is not even President yet!!!!

    • He is another generation of silver spoon snot nose kids .
      further more he bankrupted every business he has been associated with.
      he and his cronies arrogance - ignorance got us here .
      if these tax breaks work why is our economy in shambles ?

    • you guys are crazy. yeah go lock yourselves in a closet with a shotgun the sky is falling the sky is falling.
      If he was white would you be saying the same thing??? Thats what i hate about the repub party they are mostly racist.
      maybe we would be better off with yall in a closet.
      And lord after eight years of dubya id thought yall learned something. That the repubes are not for the working class they are for rich people. when will white working people understand that.

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      • the things I hate about you liberals is he is a democrat that is enough for you. You are the one bringing up racism you hypocrite. 1st point when the loons came out posting his racism I was one of the 1st to bash him. So Let me be blunt I wouldn't care if he was gold and glowing I wouldn't have voted for him. He could have been my brother or even father and I wouldn't have voted for him. He never told us anything and has no experience. That is why I Didn't vote for him.

        Yet He will be our next president. Lets just see what happens in two years. I bet the house and senate flip. Or maybe I'm wrong. God knows I would love that to be the case, but only time will tell. Let's all pray he does the right things.


    • I can tell you all what's going to happen.........Obama right on down to the Dem controlled Congress ARE NOT going to take any blame for where we end up in 4 years under the Socialist leadership of the messiah. They will all sing the same song "the country was so F&%$ed up by the time we got control that our hands were tied,,,we did the best we could". Obama as early as 2 days BEFORE the election was already trying to DECREASE people's expectations due to the "severity" of the problem. Translation---4 more years of the same old BS. The only "change" Obama is going to bring you is whats going to be left in your bank accounts and pockets are he redistributes your "wealth" to some lazy jerk with no desire to get a job. The bottom line is that the FEDERAL RESERVE is the root of most if not all our problems. Obama McCain.........it's all the same they BOTH voted for the bailout. Priviatize the profits and socialize the losses sounds Socialist to me. Don't forget we still got to bailout the automakers too. Seems as though they need our money to retool their equipment and to R&D better efficiency vehicles. Please!!!!! What the hell did they do with all the money we gave them for their vehicles over the last few decades? Every small business I've ever run, the profits go back into the company to upgrade or purchase new equipment. Not millions of dollars to some fat cat exec. Yeah I'm mad.....I'm mad as hell. What kind of place have we made for our children and their children? So many people have bee asleep at the switch for so long the only thing that will right this ship is a complete sinking so we can start over minus the Fed Reserve (which is as "federal" as Federal Express....look it up for your self) and dirty stinking politicians. They have sold this country down the river and no one cares that they will get away with it at the cost of the constitution and our future generations.

    • and to all others who feel the same. FUCK YOU

    • yea i guess u would say that mf. welcome then+

    • Excellent points, and I agree, but I don't see any politicians getting into office anytime soon who aren't operating out of greed and self-servitude. It has become a government of themselves, by themselves, and for themselves.
      In view of all that's happening it's not the best time to remove "In God We Trust" from our national credos.

    • I say drop all of California into the Pacific Ocean - and South Florida can go into the Atlantic. What a better palce it would be

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