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  • nathan f nathan f Oct 27, 2008 8:48 PM Flag

    Kenseth (1st Win of the Season @ Texas???)

    Why?? Why Not???

    Bring on the Expert Opinions!

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    • Wow Da goat your settling in old age. LOL. Don't worry we all know who know what around here. You are one of many brillant minds out here.

    • Matt got the first win of the season last week, he had a great run, even though it don't show in the stat column, he won. That was a much needed victory for his team, a victory over themselves and whatever they have been doing all year. I think Matt will have another very strong run this week, but just like his season he will fall short of a W in the score column. As far as Carl, I think something is going to push him to the back of the field this week, or he will have a below average performance. The drivers everyone needs to watch out for are the Busch Brothers, they have been following each other around the track on these fast tracks, and getting very good finishes when they both stay in it. I think this will be either the return of the 18 or Kurt's first win, either way I look for them 2 to finish 1 and 2 at the end of the race.

    • ROTFLMAO!!!

      I knew if anyone had an idea of how I feel about Jack, it would be you Roushkateers!! I'm almost rooting for Carl.. Almost! LOL!! Once the "Magic Man" (Ha-Ha!! I don't think anyone has put that together with Talladega nights yet..) puts Burton out mathematically, I have to go with which one disgusts me more.. Good thing Carl is from down the street! LOL!!

    • He obviously didn't read any of your old posts, since Jack Roush has never been too high on your Christmas Card list. He is just lucky you didn't use a colorful adjective in front of Roush's name. Which you usually spell correctly. LMAO.

    • That was a little harsh.. Sorry Roush 17!

    • Roush 17..

      You keep playing teacher and grading us as to how we spell your Grandpas last name on this board and I will keep giving advice on NASCAR racing, if you have ever read anything I've posted you would know that typing errors are the least of my downfalls..

      Keep judging the credibility of others with your perfect spelling curve of your own design, I will continue to inform the others with brains as to what is actually happening in the garage.. OK?

      It seems to be what the two of us are best suited for!

    • It is hell to have to live up to your own standard.

    • Texas will be his best chance, even better than Carls.l

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      • I'm gonna *BUMP* this thread, see if anyone else has any thoughts or even cares. IMHO, it's one of the more interesting aspects of the race going into this weekend.

        Consider these facts (from ESPN's website):

        Of the past 10 races at Texas, Matt Kenseth has earned the most points (1,539) with Johnson in second (1,474).

        Matt Kenseth has one win (4/02), and an average finish of 10.2 in 12 starts with a win. He was second in fall and spring of 07, so he's done pretty darn well recently.

        In all, Edwards has seven starts here, with his two wins (11/05, 4/08) representing his only two top-10s at Texas, and an average finish of 15.7.

        Yet, most everyone considers Edwards the favorite.

    • Chip Bolin has had the car close, but not quite to the top. Both Texas and Miami are good Kenseth tracks. However, I think that Carl smells blood and is going to be hard to beat.


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