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  • MoToR® MoToR® Oct 26, 2008 10:22 AM Flag

    Fact Check?

    Daniel please come to grips that most don't know anything he has to say. They just don't want 4 more years of Bush. Like Bush did this to our country. The presidents job is to keep us safe and uphold the law. Well since 9-11 we have been.

    Until democrats took over control 2 years ago things were prosperous in this country. John McCain warned of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2005 and Barak took the second most money from them in 3 years since. Only Chris Dodd received more money and he had 20 years to do it. So find the falseness in that.


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    • **ATTN**
      Fact Check time:

      quote: "John McCain warned of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2005 and Barak took the second most money from them in 3 years since. Only Chris Dodd received more money and he had 20 years to do it. So find the falseness in that. "

      THE FACTS:
      The New York Times has published a separate list looking at contributions from "directors, officers, and lobbyists for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac" for the 2008 campaign cycle. That list — using figures from the Federal Election Commission — shows McCain receiving $169,000, while Obama received only $16,000.

      VERDICT: Misleading. No donations actually came from the companies. One method of measuring employee contributions does put Obama second overall, but another, for the current election cycle, shows McCain receiving significantly more.

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      • yes i believe the Obama Times. Daniel it is obvious you watch and read liberal news. So you have been brain washed. Vote for Obama and watch what happens to this country. The democrats are destroying this country and you want them to have total control. wake up and smell the shit they are serving. Either that or this time next year you will ask your self what the hell have I done. Then and only then will you understand how bad they have deceived you. Look it up you will see you either read it wrong or they transposed the Numbers. Because Mcain took 21,000 and Obama took 169,000 while Dodd with 20 years in office took around 189,000. in fact I will help you out I'll find it and post here to show the whole world what the kool aid does to people.

        See attached post:


        I don;t mean to sound rude but you are serving kool aid by lying to everyone about the money taken. 20 years in the senate McCain took 21,000 just over 1,000 a year. Barak took 169,000 over 3 years $56,333 nubers don't lie if this is what the Obama times printed they lied. I think you may have just crossed the numbers. Because I don't believe you would purposely Lie to the board. Unless the Kool aid you have been drinking made you do it. Obama is a snake who won't answer a question straight. He side winds his way around the questions.

        Usually you are very accurate in your statements and I don't want you to feel like I'm attacking you but your info is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. JUST LIKE YOUR CANDIDATE!!!!!


      • Your facts are fiction Daniel. It is kind of funny how you post most of this board is untrue. Yet you post the biggest untruth on here. Sorry for pointing that little fact out. I'm sorry that on this issue I see you as completely and total wrong. Not because I believe it because I can back up everything. You are very smart when it comes to Nascar Maybe one of the best out here. Politics you are not. Sorry If it seems harsh but I can not and will not change your mind. This time next year when Nascar is in trouble and our economy is under the tank, remember who you voted for and don't blame anyone but your self. Obama has no experience It would be like taking a 16 year old who has had his license for a few months and giving him Johnsons car. It will end up with a big crash and hopefully he won't die. Electing Obama is a death sentence for this country. Maybe we will get a pardon from the next president if there is anything left to govern.


    • Oh so its the Democrats faults that George Bush vetod them saying to not go to Iraq? You are crazy man you need to get a grip yourself. This country is in deficit because George Bush is a warmonger that has absolutely no idea about war strategy. He single handedly ruined this economy because he is just flat out ignorant. The Billions of dollars a month to fight a war that could have waited another 20 years or so didn't contribute to the economies failures? If you knew what you were talking about you would know that our prime investors in the stock market are foreign investors, mostly Saudis and Iranians. George Bush was determined to ruin this economy when he fought a war against countries that demanded we stay off their turf or their would be undieing consequences, and guess what do you think our economy crashing because they all pulled out of our market might have anything to do with that?


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