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  • farmer c farmer c Oct 24, 2008 6:51 PM Flag

    what do you think

    carl edwards or jimmy johnson I am thinking carl edwards

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    • Ouch - But don't feel bad! I was leading my full-season league by 245 points going into Talladega. As of tonight, I lead by 12 points, ROLF! Man, if I'd tried to screw it up, I couldn't have done any worse! (And it wasn't because I ran out of picks, I jest played what I had totally WRONG!)

      Well think I'll finish reading the board tomorrow night, I'm all worn out tonight!!

    • I suck in the chase league.. I cough using Kyle Busch the 1st 3 races......

    • Cool! We are in the same chase league. I am "bumpandrun_racing". I wanted to join a chase league, so signed up for the first one I saw posted, and it turned out to have A LOT of really awesome people in it! What a privilege to play with You/Them All! Thanks!

    • Opps Protege Racing is my chase league name

    • I they too will push for it all, but I would not be surprised if they don't...IMO he is racing Biffle and Burton if he is in front of them he is winning..

      Thanks for the kind words

    • I'm still here! And still enjoying this!

      Awesome, Boobie! Maybe it is because I cain only read the board sporadically, so that I miss a lot, but I have never seen you commit like this. I SO respect your "objective" viewpoint and knowledge, and I am used to that.

      Now, it is really awesome to hear your "personal" viewpoint.

      I am also disturbed about Jeff Gordon may be going without a win this year, but I think that is going to happen....

      Geez, I was truly happy to hear your personal viewpoint. Also, I over-looked the Talladega thing. Yes, that is food for thought. But, I think that Chad will still push for IT ALL, despite what he said there...After all, it was Talladega, and these are "safe tracks" for Jimmie & Co.

    • I have been mulling over the same question. My two closest competitors are out of Johnson allotments, and I have two left. If I start Edwards I block one of the chasers, forcing him to start Burton, and I don't give up anything to the other chaser who will probably start Jeff Gordon. The only way I get burned big time is if Burton, Gordon and Johnson finish in the top five, and Edwards finishes near the back. So, I am also leaning toward Edwards and saving my last two Johnsons for Texas and Phoenix. Any thoughts?

    • I think it depends and where you stand with picks...Me I like the 24 to win.....I really think he will win one of the next 4

      JJ has proven to be on fire...

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      • Hi Boobie!

        Rain and cold tonight, sitting and playing with my sidekick.

        I'm seriously conflicted about this one. Well, not really. Here is how it stands to me. Historically, Jimmie turns into a steady, focused win machine about now. He has a great deal of experience and has had an awesome mentor. On the other hand, Carl is still a bit "green" and has not quite learned to channel his intensity. When he does, he will be awesome, like beautiful, well-organized fireworks going off. But, for now, he is a bit too out-of-control for my liking. Frankly, I think Kyle Busch has better self-control right now. And, I did NOT say he is the better person, or has the better machinery, or the better team, or the better chance to win. Jest, Carl has to harness his intensity. So, he is always a question mark to me, he has these moments where he jest boils over, and if they fall at the wrong time....also, he sometimes gets so focused on one thing he doesn't notice another....

        I know this one personally - in my younger years, I was criticized for being "Too Intense". I now know what that means - I failed to see "the big picture" and made up for that in "intensity", and it often worked from sheer force of will. On the other hand, it often caused very out-of-control moments leadintg to failures. Until that particular trait is harnessed, consistency is out the door.

        OK, that's my heart-felt answer for this week. Whether or not anyone uses Jimmie this week should depend on a lot of factors that I didn't mention here, all of them looking at the big picture of the next four races.

        Geez, in all this rain and cold, I am getting a real good signal, should have "timed out" by now...gonna post with proof-reading, until later...


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