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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 24, 2008 4:05 PM Flag

    A vote for Obama is a vote against Nascar

    Damn Germans! lets bomb them too. LOL. J/K Still Daniel what has Obama proposed will hurt this sport don't you agree.


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    • not really.

      extra money in the middle class could arguably do more for the sport than more sponsorship money from companies.

      In fact, i think that in general companies are suffering because of the lack of support from the middle class due to economic issues. If you are in a situation of a hightened economy (becuase of the strength of the middle class) and high corporate taxes its possible that Co.s profits are increased more than in a bad economic situation with low taxes.

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      • Daniel....Just moved into first place in my $ league.....+9
        My league is totally unorganized.....I saw some monkeys at the zoo. They were having a sh!t fight with more organization.......Sheesh

      • Do you really believe the middle class will have extra money with Obama? I've heard about change but Obama hasn't shown me what will be different from any past Democrat. Tax and Spend. Obama voted party line in the Senate over 90% of the time, that's not change is it? He hasn't shown great leadership in the Senate, perhaps because he's served a shorter time and doesn't have the power yet. Obama is a leader but I think his time isn't yet, give him 4 or 8 more years in the Senate and then he'll be ready.