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  • Fletch 1165 Fletch 1165 Oct 23, 2008 10:42 PM Flag

    A vote for Obama is a vote against Nascar

    This is what you base your vote on. God save us all.

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    • No Not my base just my argument to the kool aid drinkers like you today. tell me one thing about Obama you like and I'll tear it up. because his spread the wealth should be called kill America. He is going to make Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Regan. Tax and Spend that's his philosophy. In the last debate what did he say he would cut out of the budget to pay for his plans. ............................................ McCain 4 or 5 programs were named who is serious about getting the government under control. Bring me something real about Obama and why you would vote for him. I've have been asking for months why can no one answer this simple question.

      You think there is no logic in my reference to Anheuser Busch. Think about all the taxes that would be imposed on every aspect of this sport. We are fans of this sport and Obama's plans will destroy this sport. No If ands or buts!!! why is it the ones who work have to pay for the poor. Why not follow McCains plan to lower the taxes on business so American companies invest here instead of countries with lower taxes. More jobs (that 3 letter word according to Biden) means more workers. More workers means more people paying taxes. More people paying taxes more money in the Goverment.

      Then follow McCains plan to freeze spending. Cut out the fat and cut spending. McCain has a record for this. Palin has a record for this. Obama voted the most libereral Senator of 2007. He Beat Hillary in this too. OMG wake up!!!! Less spending more taxes brought in and McCain pays down the deficit from the Clinton years and 9-11 and Katrina Ike and wildfires in California floods in the midwest and a the war. Which may be unpopular right now but every senator democrat and republican had t give the approval to do.

      So don't sit back and blame Bush when till the democrats took over 2/3's of government 2 years ago the economy was fine and everyone was pretty happy and had money. Now after 2 years where are we. in 2005 McCain said freddie and Fannie were going to cost us. Democrats said no way its fine. Who was right then 3 years later they want to spin it but facts are facts.


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      • I like your argument Motor, but about the Clinton years, when he was President we were not in deficit. For the first time in 20 years we had a surplus in this country. So just because you said that there was a deficit when Clinton was President just tells me you are nothing but a racial biggot, and that is why you say No Obama. You don't know your facts one bit you just scramble words to make them sound pretty. Do not argue with me about the surplus in the Clinton years either because you will be dead wrong. It was your friendly republican George Bush(John McCain't Sr.) that put this country into deficit, and he was only allowed to spend so much money on warmongering because of the surplus that Clinton allowed us. You don't know squat if you don't know that.

    • im votin' for obama...

      nascar sucks anyway... if nascar wants to keep sum what of their fans maybe they should atleast end their seasons before the NFL season starts... i watched almost every race until football came back, now i havent seen one single lap!!!

      and im sick of JJ winnin' it all neway... change these gay ass chase to the cup rules


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