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  • boggey boggey Oct 23, 2008 7:15 PM Flag

    the end of nascar

    unless some serious changes are made Nascar is going down. Races are now boring as hell when is the last time you saw a car roll over ,it don't happen , they may be safer but no one wants to watch bumper cars. A overreaction by France and COT spell trouble, fan support falling sponcers can't get away fast enough and all hell breaking loose. not a pretty picture for the future of this sport. I loved Nascar and now hate it it is unwatchable. some of these morons say then change the station, wake up its going to kill the sport unless changes are made. We need to speed up the cars instead of slow them down, Get rid of the boxy cot they are horrible unwatchable. unless France gets his head out his ass this will fade away like the NBA did they are now cable only in many parts of country and if this happens we will wind up like the Indy racing league, ALL OVER , This is terrible changes must happen as much as you dont want to admit it danger is a part of this sport and must remain or else nascar is done.
    my 2 cents worth

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    • ah if nascar dies its our fault.try to do two races a year.love the racing, love the people we meet.

      p.s. the snow is falling out a cross the border,and this ain,t

    • There certainly is alot I agree with in your post! When I started watching Indy car back in the 80's they were packed....I started going to Michigan during Indy car weekend and they had the IROC series.....we met some (cute) guys at the races who teased us because how many cars would finish on the same last lap? (5? somethimes?) Nascar was so tough.......How many guys would end up finishing on the lead lap.??...OH YEAH, it was FUN!!! Go to the races....take your own beer, party, party, party and watch the best sport around.......

      First they took away the Hugh Penske Moving trucks in the infield......then 911 came and they took way alot the the fan's rights..... the 14" coolers...... they have made soooooo many rules for the fans that it's just not the same!

      Thanks for letting me vent, I miss the OLD Nascar!!! If all you young guys only knew how much fun it really was....I know it's still fun, and I'm still going......don' get me wrong!!

      I wish they would relax a little.....too many new rules and enforcing them when they want!!!


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