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  • Nascarbuckeyes Nascarbuckeyes Oct 19, 2008 9:13 PM Flag

    Hannity's America

    Hannity HATES Obama.......that's a no brainer....I will watch it because I'm not sure. I can only take Hannity in small doses!

    Tell me he has more to say then O'bama was friend with Ayers and went to that Racist church......he seems obsessed with that.

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    • Don't forget.....It's the "Unrepentant Terrorist William Ayers". As if he repented Hannity would blow it off. Hannity is just a little right of Attila the Hun. I think Sean means well.....But this fixation he has turns objective people off.

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      • Will this particular showing repeat? I am intrigued. I have never seen Hannity &Colmes (that's what Y'All are talking about, I think?) for more than a few minutes, my schedule usually conflicts, and if my schedule doesn't, my friends do - the people that I know are too strong-willed & opinionated to watch this show together, I'd have to watch it alone. But, if this episode will repeat, I will make the effort to see it, as it is controversial with people whom I respect here.


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