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  • What_Would_Jimi_Do What_Would_Jimi_Do Oct 10, 2008 3:02 AM Flag

    anyone can say....

    they were a vet, or the grandson of george washington? that doesn't make it so. i have a 16 inch peter. does that make it so?

    this is a racing thread. keep the politics out of it. no one wants to hear this stuff here.

    it is about nascar racing.

    do we wanna measure how much we lost in the stock market this last week?

    NOPE. it is about drivers and cars. keep your politics out of here.

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    • it says fighting.

    • So, Now you are calling me a phony and a lier? I did not come on here and brag about being a vet. I said it while I was explaining why I was standing up for a man that should not be insulted like he was. It is one thing to come on here and make claims like your 16" peter, that can be laughed at and not disrespect you. I like how you stated how you wanted to join 20 years ago but your knees were so bad that you could not get in, then, in another post you say you could kick Kevin Harvick's butt. One statement is a lie.
      You do not know me. I could be just some jerk making things up, or I could just be a decorated veteran. You chose to believe I am the jerk. I have found in life that people look at other people like they see them self. If some one is a good, honest person that does good for other people, they think that most all people are good. If they are lier and a scum, they think all people are that way.
      I took the time to type a little slower and prof read this post so the misspelled words do not confuse you. If you care to meet me just say where. I will show your punk as** that I am for real.

    • Actually if you want to get technical about that it is called a General Forum, which means Generally anything goes. If you don't like what you read don't comment on it. Nascar isn't the only thing that affects Nascar fans, and if it is that's a pretty lame life. Nobody told you to go somewhere with your thread about your friend who killed himself, we all and I say all with the acception of the guy that said the same thing you are saying now about this is a "Nascar forum." I do sincerely apologize about your buddy, but you need to remember where you come from before you criticize everyone else.


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