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    *Biffle goes with heavier springs!!!*

    Greg Biffle, Winner of the 1st 2 chase races has reported that after the win in Dover, Jack Roush ordered his pit crew to beef up the suspension on the Biffle band wagon. He was reported as saying "After a 34th and 43rd finish in the first 2 chase races by Kyle Busch. His wagon is quickly emptying. Because most of his fans just route for who ever is winning. We expect to see a rise in our Band Wagon attendance. Therefore Jack Roush ordered the team to put heavier springs and a stronger suspension under the wagon to accommodate our new fan base."

    All work was completed last night and his wagon is ready for the influx of fans jumping on board. After further inspection of Wagon the D.O.T. has raised it capacity limit 5 people. So all of kyles fans and even people who haven't yet found their wagon can get on this one.


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    • is it not so hard to think of something new its a damn same the BIFF is what 38 ? hmmmmmmmmm i hate to see what the i dont like kyle fans will be saying when kyle is 38 god i just hope jr wins a cup soon or just goes away so us fans of nascar can just enjoy the race without the white trash bullshit i guess really the #3 means how much teath or how many kids out of wedlock you people have give it up most drivers are not even in nascar by 23 let alone winning

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      • Punctuation and spelling is a must if you want to bloviate. here let me fix your post for you so it makes sense.

        Is it not so hard to think of something new. It's a damn shame the BIFF is better then Kyle. Hmmmmmmmmm I hate to see what the Kyle fans will be saying when kyle is 38th in points next year. God I just hope Jr wins a cup soon so I don't have listen to Hater nation anymore. Then us fans of nascar can just enjoy the race without the white trash bullshit from Kyle fans. I guess I really mean some one should teach me a lesson because I don't know how to bloviate properly. because my parents had me out of wedlock and my IQ is only 23.

        There that is what you were trying to say so now everyone will be able to read your post now Charlie H. Don't worry stick around and we will show you how to properly opine. Soon you will be able to do it platitudinously. If I see your thoughts aren't getting across I'll help clean up your post for you. That's what we do out here help show each other the way. Go!!! Concrete Carl. Rock On Concrete Nation.


    • Spots are filling up jump on board before its to late.

    • Glad to see I could brighten your day. rock on Concrete Nation!!!

    • I had a bad day MoToR....this post single handedly made it better


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