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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Sep 14, 2008 3:12 AM Flag

    How will Tony be next year?

    I did not know this about Alan Kulwicki - his history as an owner/driver. I will have to read up on him now.

    He was a bit before my time, but still, his death has broke my heart from the footage that I have seen of him. The usual footage shows him as such a charismatic, joyful man, but he always looks like he has big, sad, tired circles under his eyes. And, about all it ever really shows of him is the Polish Victory lap, and his early death, while suggesting that his great talent was never truly realized.

    After you wrote this, Boobie, I looked him up, and Wikipedia had this to say: "Kulwicki was known for being a perfectionist and doing things his own way.[5] An engineer by trade, his scientific approach to NASCAR racing inspires the way teams are now run.[6]

    He was insistent in driving for his own race team during most of his NASCAR career despite lucrative offers from top car owners.[7] His publicist indicated that Kulwicki was "a real hard type of person to get to know", and he remained a bachelor throughout his life.[7]"

    I have never seen a modern tributes that mentions his engineering background and his insistence on running his own team. I now will have to learn more about him. Obviously, I have missed out by not knowing more about this great man whom passed too early, until now that you have brought it to my attention.

    Also, I cain't help but notice, the last sentence in this Wiki-summary is couched so as to suggest that he was gay. Not that I give a flying woop, there have to have been gay NASCAR stars, I am jest sorry it is couched in terms like that, all suggestive, with obviously no point except to make people kind of draw that conclusion.

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