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  • Nascarbuckeyes Nascarbuckeyes Sep 13, 2008 10:43 PM Flag

    How will Tony be next year?

    does anyone think that Tony can come thru as part owner/driver? I'm not even sure what/who the Hass part of his team is. Is that the same Hass as Indy Car Hass? (Carl)

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    • Tony will drive the 90 car???? and be owner???? i think that is alot on his plate and me be couple years before seeing a win with him driveing, his team may pull on a couple though..only my thoughts.

    • Hey, I thought we were talking about Tony!
      But i will put in my two cents about Kulwicki. That year as a race fan sucked because that was the same year my favorite driver of all time died Davey Allison. Both of those guys died within months of one another. Sad day in racing to loose those two.

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    • Boobie, I was at the last IROC race in Michigan in 1993 when Dale Earnhardt drove the IROC car with Alan's name on it and Terry Labonte drove Davey Allison's car with Davey's name on his car (both had passed away that summer) and terry won the Championship for Davey. I have a picture of both cars at the Start/Finish that I have framed in my room! Really a moment in racing that I will never forget!

      Thanks for sharing this with me! You too Joanie.

    • Thanks for opening my eyes one more time, Boobie.

      Jest got back from two weeks of struggling with unexpected schedule changes due to weather, and am taking off again in a few hours....

      Sorry I took this so closed-minded and thanx for straightening me out. When I have time to read more, I will pick up a biography of AK.

    • Here is a little bit more from that story, and the reference from that sentence.

      Soon after Alan Kulwicki won the 1992 Winston Cup championship, he was asked half-jokingly whether it meant that his financially strapped team might finally get to fly to and from races in a private plane, instead of on commercial flights.

      As it turned out, the greatest triumph of Kulwicki's life would indirectly lead to his death, last Thursday night in a plane crash in Bristol, Tenn.

      Kulwicki, who came south from his native Greenfield, Wis., in 1986 to join the Winston Cup tour, stock-car racing's major league, always insisted on running his own team, even though his driving talent drew job offers from no less a car owner than Junior Johnson.

      For an independent-minded person like Kulwicki -- who learned in childhood to fend for himself after the death of his mother and his only sibling -- it was the only way to go. But the drawbacks were many, particularly for someone from outside the tight circle of Southerners who make up the world of stock-car racing. An Overworked Crew

      He struggled for years with a handful of overworked crewmen. It wasn't until midway through the 1991 season -- when the Hooters restaurant chain, whose plane he was using when he died, became his sponsor -- that Kulwicki achieved real financial security.

      But all along, he kept working his crew hard. Ray Everham, now crew chief for the promising rookie Jeff Gordon, once left Kulwicki's team in frustration and exhaustion, ready to quit racing.

      And last month, amid snow drifts in the Atlanta Motor Speedway garage area, Kulwicki kept his crew (and himself) out in the cold to change an engine, even though the race had been postponed six days. By noon that Sunday, race officials had to toss them out of the garage.

      Because he was so busy at the track, he had little time for the idle chatter other drivers could enjoy. Thus he had the reputation for being aloof and virtually emotionless. 'I'm Just Intense'

      "I'm not saying you have to be glum about things," he said last December, "but I'm just intense about things. Some of those other guys, it shows in their performance."

      The personal losses early in his life also might have made him reticent to reveal his feelings to many people.

      "He was a real hard type of person to get to know," said Tom Roberts, a spokesman for Kulwicki's team.

      "It was very hard to win his respect," Roberts said. "My wife, who works with me, had a love-hate relationship with him for years. It wasn't until she saw the look in his eyes after he won the championship that she realized what he felt and what he was about." Affording a Plane


    • And, also, I think that Dale Junior and his publicist are being very smart by never letting Junior be seen with a woman. A great deal of his fan base comes from the fact that he is a very sexy man with a wonderfully white-washed image, so that he is great romantic fantasy material for every woman between ages 6 and 60. As long as he is not only unmarried, but not seen with a particular woman, every woman with an over-active imagination can day-dream about him. I bet the day he he gets married, he loses about 10 percent of his fans. And don't think that he - and his publicist - doesn't know this!

    • It Gene Haas whom currently serving a 24 month sentence in federal prison for something about no paying taxes. Gene Haas built an empire buy making an indexer which is used in machine shops around the world now better known as a CNC... Haas Automation is now the largest machine tool manufacturer in the United States....

      He is not the Haas in F1, and I dont know if they are kin

      Tony is on a long road, historically owners that have driven for them self have not been very good at all......IE: Robby Gordon, Kyle Petty

      I think Alan Kulwicki is the only Owner/Driver that has been successful in the 30 years of racing

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      • I did not know this about Alan Kulwicki - his history as an owner/driver. I will have to read up on him now.

        He was a bit before my time, but still, his death has broke my heart from the footage that I have seen of him. The usual footage shows him as such a charismatic, joyful man, but he always looks like he has big, sad, tired circles under his eyes. And, about all it ever really shows of him is the Polish Victory lap, and his early death, while suggesting that his great talent was never truly realized.

        After you wrote this, Boobie, I looked him up, and Wikipedia had this to say: "Kulwicki was known for being a perfectionist and doing things his own way.[5] An engineer by trade, his scientific approach to NASCAR racing inspires the way teams are now run.[6]

        He was insistent in driving for his own race team during most of his NASCAR career despite lucrative offers from top car owners.[7] His publicist indicated that Kulwicki was "a real hard type of person to get to know", and he remained a bachelor throughout his life.[7]"

        I have never seen a modern tributes that mentions his engineering background and his insistence on running his own team. I now will have to learn more about him. Obviously, I have missed out by not knowing more about this great man whom passed too early, until now that you have brought it to my attention.

        Also, I cain't help but notice, the last sentence in this Wiki-summary is couched so as to suggest that he was gay. Not that I give a flying woop, there have to have been gay NASCAR stars, I am jest sorry it is couched in terms like that, all suggestive, with obviously no point except to make people kind of draw that conclusion.


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