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  • Nascarbuckeyes Nascarbuckeyes Sep 13, 2008 7:28 AM Flag

    Did anyone experience a gas panic?

    Seems to me that with all the donating people do in America and everyone wanting to be of help, then maybe they could ask Americans to take a day off from travel if it is not a necessity and save gas for the people in Texas who are going to need any little help they can get! I'll stay home this week -end maybe some of ya'll can help to keep down their cost! Wouldn't hurt to try! Bless them all! Hope they are safe!

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    • You are an inspiration, NascarBuckeyes. You opened my eyes more than a little. I was all worried about looking after my crew, making sure everyone made it the 400 miles we need to travel to get home next Tuesday. So I bought 60 gallons to hoard, jest in case. I guess I do need to look after my own, but I need to care about others, and I will be keeping an open eye around here in case others need it worse than we do. Thank you for what you wrote here, I get tunnel-visioned sometimes.


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