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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 20, 2009 8:59 PM Flag

    Who's who????

    Oh, BTW, Mr. Ed, thet whole Black-Mail-Mail thing? You were being played from the start - the date, May 14th, shows it to be so...You-see, I didn't post on this board the 11th or 12th, and when I came here on the 13th, I said thet I refused to be bullied and pushed around.

    And, then, I refused to be bullied and pushed around. And jest kept refusing to play...

    So, the person who wanted to bully me and push me around and INTERROGATE me tried to get You to Play a Game....to get my attention and stir up some crap....and when you didn't, he used your email to try and get my attention and stir up some crap.

    Seeing such a fine, handsome, wise, distinguished and noble horse as yourself being so mis-used....well, it makes me hate your tormentors and love you more....nothing could change how I feel about you.....me love you long time, Mr. Ed.....(grin).

    Now read and burn this before I am accused of.....drama....for the sixth or seventh time since I first stopped answering the allegations of ...drama...today.....

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    • Think we got us a JoanieReb IMP here

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      • Thet was funny! Hey, it said, "personal, Mr. Ed", no one else had to read it, I jest thought Mr.Ed should know, and it was jest in reference to something involving him and me, and this is a message board, for messages....but yes, I am obsessed with Mr. Ed.

        I better be careful, it sounds like someone is about to crack, and it ain't the board rooster-li....er, never mind, thet's a different thread....and they had it all wrong, I'm not into roosters at all - I love me some horse!!!!!! But, Only One....forever and all time.....

        It would be "multiple", here, M E, as opposed to IMP.

        I DIDN'T know who it was....I thought Boobie, mebbe, awesome avatar....did I mention thet it is hypnotic?

    • C'MON MAN!!!!

      you are truly obsessed!

      just let it go and it will GO!

      I personally have been implicated in alot of this crap.. AND YOU KNOW WHO I AM JOANNIE..but the reality is..I have done nothing...but I won't be slammed by a bunch of pricks either..so I don't even respond anymore..

      truly..this will be my last post concerning this matter..I think it's time to move on...and so do alot of folks..after all..just about every single troublemaker that was here the past week hasn't been back for days...if you don't wanna talk or have anything to do with MoToR...then so be it...BUT YOU GOTTA LET IT GO!!!

      this is not about the Yahoo message board and this is not..nor has it ever really been about nascar nation..what it is...

      is about a bunch of BOOBS who get thier jollies messing with people as they sit faceless and cowardly behind a computer screen...


    • Drama had three times more posts than Nascar yesterday.

      Just Sayin..........Like a fatal accident, your appalled....

      Yet you can't look away.

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      • Haha - I was thinking the same thing, only "train wreck". Well, I' m letting go now, haven't responded to the negative posts about me today....even tho they kept popping out....OK, Mr. Ed, I'm done with this. I jest saw your post about having private stuff posted on this board, and wanted to let you know about thet particular private thing....I don't like seeing My Beloved Mr. Ed being played because of his adoring fan....but I kept it off thet thread for a reason....


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