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  • Cliff Cliff Sep 8, 2008 12:36 AM Flag

    kyle got amped!

    Guess you missed the post-race interview with Ky.Busch - didn't say a word about the incident; just praised his team for fighting back to a 15th place finish. Also note that Jr.'s comment was that it was a shame, but these things happen. No apology for it. So clearly it was retribution for May's race, and both parties knew it, accepted it, and will go on from here. BTW that was brilliant of Jr. to smoke the brakes to make it look like he was checking up and it wasn't his fault, when clearly he went in too deep and surprised Ky. by being in that far, which is why Ky. came down on him and got spun. Uh, kinda like what Ky. did in May :-)

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    • At least its even before the chase starts.......IMO I dont think Kyle spun Jr in May and I dont think Jr spun Kyle today.......I think is you drive the COT into a turn a little hot or to hard....you will be fine if there is a car above you.......ITS RACING


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