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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Sep 8, 2008 5:08 PM Flag

    YAHOO totally Sctrewed up our league

    I feel for the people who made the Loudon mistake here. This board stopped me from making the same mistake with 7 minutes to go. Sadly, ROLF. I say "sadly" because I always activate picks the day I set up my roster. I travel a lot, and in case there is some sort of problem where I can't activate picks before a race, I always want to have someone on board. So 15 minutes before the Richmond race, I brought up my roster and made some changes, then went to this board to see if anyone was talking "C" picks, as I jest wasn't sure about mine. I saw that someone had a made a post about the Loudon problem, went back to my picks, and sure enough, I had made my changes on the Loudon page. With 7 minutes to go, I hit "previous", got to "Richmond", and made the changes there. The problem - I changed from 48 to 11, 44 to 28, and 9 to 6. If I only hadn't been informed of the problem by the message board members here, I would have advanced about 100 places instead of falling back 90.

    One thing I will say, I have really come to appreciate checking in on this board, because there are a lot of smart and well-informed people who kindly make sure that others are aware of possible pit-falls. It back-fired for me this time, but I would have gained points through a mistake rather than losing them honestly, and I guess I'd rather do the second, and yes, I know how domb that sounds.


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