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  • Nunya Business Nunya Business Sep 7, 2008 8:10 PM Flag

    YAHOO totally Sctrewed up our league

    total joke. Our kleage NEED FOR SPEED is now totally messed up and wrong. Many have made changes after the rain out. My Girlfriend and I are on the same league, we are the only ones that had Lagaono in. After we new he would not be in. We made made changes,Saved them these changes did not appear for this race. Instead, it made a carbon copy of the racers we had originally picked for Virginia, Now we come to find out others are complaining of this same problem. We have never been able to pick driver a week in advance, So now the standings on our league are wrong, and will always be under protest. Of course had Reuitimen and Johnson in. Or at least they were suppose to be in.

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    • That is too funny! Even if its your first season you should look at what race we will be at. looks like I may move up in pts even before qual.

    • HAHA...you all deserve zero pts for being stupid.

    • I had gotten screwed myself. We use this web site for our fantasy site. We do our league in halves. I was in second points in the second half untill yahoo screwed up. I scored a big goose egg for that race. This put me in 14th now I'm in 9th which with out the screw up I would be blowing the league away.

      Some of you say PAY ATTENTION when turning in your line up.
      I ask how many of you smart azzez have had to hurry up your picks because you had to go somewhere?

    • yahoo didnt screw any of you, you screwed yourselves by not paying attention, and ASSUMING it was on the correct race

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      • I feel for the people who made the Loudon mistake here. This board stopped me from making the same mistake with 7 minutes to go. Sadly, ROLF. I say "sadly" because I always activate picks the day I set up my roster. I travel a lot, and in case there is some sort of problem where I can't activate picks before a race, I always want to have someone on board. So 15 minutes before the Richmond race, I brought up my roster and made some changes, then went to this board to see if anyone was talking "C" picks, as I jest wasn't sure about mine. I saw that someone had a made a post about the Loudon problem, went back to my picks, and sure enough, I had made my changes on the Loudon page. With 7 minutes to go, I hit "previous", got to "Richmond", and made the changes there. The problem - I changed from 48 to 11, 44 to 28, and 9 to 6. If I only hadn't been informed of the problem by the message board members here, I would have advanced about 100 places instead of falling back 90.

        One thing I will say, I have really come to appreciate checking in on this board, because there are a lot of smart and well-informed people who kindly make sure that others are aware of possible pit-falls. It back-fired for me this time, but I would have gained points through a mistake rather than losing them honestly, and I guess I'd rather do the second, and yes, I know how domb that sounds.

    • You screwed up your own score not Yahoo...iffin' ya' pay attention to what you are doing...then it wouldn't of happened...granted Yahoo did unlock the drivers after qualifying & the race got rained out...but if you where paying attention...it wouldn't of happened...

    • Mine is screwed up too... Anything we can do about this? I got ZERO points for this race... Annoyed...

    • YAHOO screwed me too and our league.. most of us changed our lineups for the race on september 15.. this sucks, they started the race without prior notice to the players

    • i think you made the mistake and just didn't verify your team.. i been doing this for years and i had never seen a mistake. what i found is that it is usually the person picking his drivers.. i been there. you have to pay attention to detail.

    • I had also picked Reuttimann and it had it set to where I had Kvapil. Not only did I lose all of those points for Reuttimann but I lost a pick for Kvapil which could serve good purpose down the road. This is b.s. I totally agree.


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