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  • Boobie™ Boobie™ Sep 6, 2008 7:29 PM Flag

    Night-to-Day set-ups

    Unless Nascar Changes the rule for this race...the cars are impounded b/c this is an impound race.......the team will not be able to adjust anything....Im sure Nascar wil throw a CC within the 1st 10 or so laps so the cars can be ajusted....

    I think the bigest difference will be the with the grip on the track...The track will be clean and will not have had the NNS race run before the Cup race to put rubber on the track...The engines that are built for night races are intended to turn more RPM due to when the track cools off the grip gets better the car goes faster and turns more RPM.......as far the general setup of the car it would be about the same even the same day or night....

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    • Engines are "Tuned" different to run at night not built different RPM is achieved by the rear end gear that is chosen. You can build a motor anyway you choose but if the rear end gear is not correct you will either Run out of gear (to many RPM's) or not have enough gear at which point you're not (turning enough RPM's) Timing (Advance it or Retard it) Adjusting the Carburator (Air and Fuel mixture) and maybe running a hotter burner spark plug is about all they would mess with on a motor running it at night. Other then that you can turn 50,000 RPM'S and if the rear gear ain't right you aint going no faster.

    • Good stuff, Boobie!


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