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  • Geoff Geoff Aug 23, 2008 11:32 PM Flag

    kyle busch LEAGUE

    THAT WAS a Bush LEAGUE move, Kyle, after a GUY raced you hard, and he passed your butt, and you acted like a FOOL..

    NO MORE RESPECT, at ALL, from me, and you had it, until tonights maneuver.......You are a 23 year old punk... win the championship, go ahead, you are LOW CLASS.....and apparently, you always will be..

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    • First off, if Kyle acted like a fool, then when Dale Earnhardt wrecked Terry Labonte at Bristol, was he a fool? I dare you to call Dale Earnhardt a fool on this board! As far as I'm concerned, all that you have proved is that you are a Big Hairy.....I'll let you fill in the blanks. Kyle is the best around....you might as well call him.....2008 champ!!!!

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      • ohh, here we go. I was waiting for this. The Kyle Busch Apologist League has shown up... Example "No, see, what it is, that Kyle is not wrong, cause other drivers have acted foolishly in the past.. so that makes it OK for Kyle to be a dillweed"

        "He's a CHAMPION, and you Junior NATION people just can't recognize his greatness!!!" Hey, moron, it goes better when you say it while stomping your feet like my 2 year old..

        I aint for Junior, and I ain't for Kyle..I am for racing real tough, and then, when the RACE is OVER, cool the jets...your boy was BUSH LEAGUE TONIGHT... Showed his true colors. I don't care for that, ever......

    • This is my NEW nickname for the Shrub.. K Busch LEAGUE... thanks Toad, and Curse, sure you won't be the last to post.

      WHERE IS JUNIOR NATION??? I am not one ( I like Jr alot), but oh, the sweet justice they must feel now.....

      At least JUNE BUG has CLASS, while racing hard, just like his daddy.... When he loses, he says, THAT SUCKS, and moves on... unlike the Diaper Dandy.....and I respect that way MORE.

    • Edwards would pound him into mush. Kyle has always been a punk and it's great seeing him get what he deserves. I hope he gets wrecked every race from here on out.


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