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    Courtesy of SI.com
    Penske racing officials have announced their terms with the Newest driver and the 12 car. Alltel's sponsorship ends at the end of the season and a new 2 year deal with Sherwin Williams paint, I mean pants center, has been signed for the 12 car. The newest driver is none other then Jillian04 her new firesuit is very nice it is in the form of Sherwin Williams paints, oops again pants. Even more Breaking News the 12 team has just signed another sponsorship with the Jenny Craig corporation, and a new up and coming Burger Chain by the name of Fatty Girls Burgers. Everyone wish her luck in the coming season.

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    • hahaha fatty girl cheeseburgers.....what a dickhead

    • I see some name changin going on JGP...LOL..or should I call you MY Meat!

      check your team....


    • I am the one that is loose.....It is all the crybabies who wanna send me emails and attack me five at a time on here because i made a joke about MoToR.......those people are boys......if you have nothing better to do then google someones name and post it on the internet, you are a child.....I am a member of NN and like some of the people in there...the ones that follow alittle too closely behind MoToR are the ones I'm talking about....i respect anyone who can take a joke....if i didn't have any respect for MoToR....i wouldnt take the time to type out his name correctly, but his crybaby actics after the post from yesterday just dropped him a couple respect notches in my book....anyone that preaches anyones ability to say what they want has to be just as ready to take a joke or alittle criticism....heck when you lead by example, you should be alittle above average, not below it

    • Go Bucks.....2 in the AP.......O-H-I-O

    • next time you call BOY, there'd better be one around... Don't lump me in with your opinion of the NN. and try to lighten up a little FRANCIS

      Flossin, I am your Father,, join me on the DARK SIDE, we can rule the empire.....

    • i don't clean machines for a living, i fight for a living, i just clean machines and swipe cards to make extra money for those little things that make life fun........and any profession that pays the bills and pays taxes is noble and anyone that doesnt think so is just a stuck up dick........

      ooooohhh...the NN boys are gonna google my name to death.......if you can't take a little joke MoToR, then all I gotta say to you then is MoToR your ass down the road to someone who gives a damn what you think you oversensitive dork..........King of the message boards.........thats like being the smartest guy in the retarded class.......have fun and enjoy....

    • Gripping you little member doesn't count as work experience. Wiping sweat from stuck up slobs who can't clean up after them self is a noble profession. NOT!!!!!!!! You actually used that as a come back. Your responses are getting weak. Coming after me after I cut you slack wasn't the brightest move. Guess it wasn't fun for you anymore since we ran your imps off and gave to a place to call home. Too bas so sad. Hope to see you tomorrow.


    • nah, an associates in business......also took a couple of classes to learn how to do grip and such on commercials and stuff.....my uncle does commercials

    • TJF-why is it always you are picking me out to pick-I mean really I think its comical,but fat girls club,check again,but if it makes you feel better to point someone out,go ahead and pick on me a woman,I really dont care,I am not here to fuss,fight or impress anyone,just to play the game NASCAR as most people with logical sense is doing as well,I try to avoid these posts,but keep on keeping on.Have a nice evening!!:)

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      • By saying and I quote you "Go ahead and pick on me a woman" you insinuate that you don't feel that women are quite up to par intellectually with men? If you really feel less then a man I am sorry Jillian. I don't really have anything against you, you are very pretty but the sad thing is you are a Jr. fan. Now why would you waste those pretty looks on such a weak one hit wonder of a driver? About the only way I would ever route for Jr. is if all of his fans looked as pretty as you. However the typical jr fan does truly look like the one in my picture lol. Sorry but that is the truth.

      • I thought you would be a femanist. I'll call Jessica Spano to defend you and women in general against TJF.

    • oh thats right I forgot you got a masters in bating.

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