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    kyle busch

    no doubt hes having an awesome year.the kids been incredible to say the least. but lets be real, he has to win the championship to make all that hes doing right now a success.and besides until he can do it and take away johnsons crown, jimmy is still the man to beat no matter what anyone says. jimmy is still the best nascar driver in nascar today and until busch or anyone beats him its the truth.what you do during the season doesnt mean squat, jeff gordon last year was a prime example.all that matters is the last ten races.busch could win 12 races this year. if he dont win the crown nobody including him will really care

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    • I care...
      Kyle is on pace to have the top 3 best seasons of all time.
      Yeah tough to swallow, I know... But nob matter who it is, I care because of the history of it.

    • Yeah right. Who cares how much Kyle Busch wins this year. 12 wins 15, its all the same. He's so young he will be winning cups for years to come anyway so let's just ignore his ass. He already would have had it virtually wrapped up in the old system before they reset for the chase but let's overlook that since all indications are he will be winning in the ballpark of 10 races a year from here on out until the indefinite future and if he somehow don't win the big one this year its coming real soon just as you fear. The new format is good for drivers like Jimmy J evidently, they can slow play upstarts like Kyle Busch and just get it up for the final chase and reclaim the title. Somehow I don't think that is what is going on here but everyone has their own insight and opinion.

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      • well of course it would be wrapped up in the old system.....that's why NASCAR CHANGED IT. In the old system, Kyle would be getting "crowned" (lol MoToR) any day now......and viewer interest would beall but gone. TheChase is the only reason people are still paying attention.......there is MUCH more to go.......man, people who are always crying aboutthe old system kill me...."GORDON SHOULD HAVE SIX TITLES IF IT WERENT FOR THE STUPID CHASE!" and "IF IT WERENT FOR THE CHASE KYLE WOULD ALREADY BE A CHAMPION" where the hell is your NASCAR fanhood people???? would these same people have wanted the Patriots to get handed the Lombardi Trophy in week 13 last year too?? the Chase makes NASCAR worth watching until the END! so, in the words of former Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Green....."IF YOU WANNA CROWN EM, CROWN EM!!!!"

    • I agree completely. When did it turn into a crown though? If kyle wins will it be a tiara?


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