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  • Shaq Daddy Shaq Daddy Aug 7, 2008 7:52 PM Flag

    jr trashers need to hush

    i think all of the kyle busch fans need to stop trashing jr so much, now i am only 12 but since i could talk i have been a avid jr fan, and i go to 12 races every year, so i might not know alot about racing as some people put i do know that jr is driving so much harder that weasel head kyle busch. Also jr comes from a racing family and where racing is the way it should be not from cali where you must be taught in school that you need to cold and dumb on the track and then suck up to nascar when u get out of the car and they must also teach them that if another car touches u that the rath of god needs to be brought down!! So if u r a jr hater that is fine because that is part of racing but i cant stand those who r comparing a weasel to the intimidater! So just drop it!

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    • Why? They could care less about you.

    • as long as they keep bringing home that twelve pack of old milwaukees and two packs of pall malls every evening....they'll love you forever

    • i hope this kid does not end up on youtube with a leave jr alone video just crying about people being mean like that he she did for britney

    • You did say your 12...nuff said!!!!!!!!!

    • mr.belding u r a sorry person jr is not his dad but DONT disrespect the earnhardt family

    • Do I look 13 Daniel?? You are the one dressed like a teenage prince in your avatar. I am a respected actor in the Hollywood community. Now bite me!

    • If knew how to put a picture on here I would. You let me know how and there will be a picture. Women from Missouri like their country boys!

    • Don't be jealous just because Jr. will never be half the driver Kyle is. The only reason everyone likes him and he gets so much attention is because of his last name not because of his driving talent.

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      • that's correct. jr's. fan base is his fathers fans. if jr had started racing under another name and no one knew he was related to str., his fanbase would be GONE, GONE, GONE. gordon once said that he would nevder be as popular as jr. but he's wrong. take away all the sr. fans that jr. inherited cause of his NAME, jr.' is the one who will never be as popular and gordon, johnson, or kyle.

    • it's time someone told you the truth bout sr. and jr. sr. was not the intimidator. he was just a cheating piece of sh*t who broke the rules and got away with it. check the nascar archives for proof. as for jr. he aint any better. 2 years ago he ran michael waltrip into the wall, his own teammate and put him out of the race. his excuse? waltrip didnt get out of the way fast enough to suit him. jr's car was much faster and he could have went around him at any time. waltrip wasnt blocking him. if he's such a great driver, why did he do that??? and if jr. is such a great driver, where is his nascar trophy??? as for kyle busch, he may have went to driving school, but he's a good driver. hendrick made a very bad choice trading kyle for jr. the bottom line is kyle is twice the driver now that jr. will EVER be!!! deal with it.

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      • well retard think before u talk, if kyle is so good why at richmond did he have to turn his wheels right going into three to pass jr.

      • must be a nasty feeling to be a nobody , do nothing. you folks sit around and trash others when to see the only real losers just look in a mirror. you act as though you know these people when in reality they wouldn't take the time too piss on your leg. these guys are just race car drivers. yet you choose to speak of that of which you know not. im a nascar fan. thank GOD i have life in which i can see the reality of people like. when was the last time you saw a baby bash commercial !!! yea thats what i thought, and thats what all the little la,la whinnings about. maybe IF he wins the cup, but i doubt it he is just not marketable !!! cause he ain't. too bad so sad

    • I'm a Kyle Busch fan and I don't necessarily hate Jr. but I don't like the way he does his business, I think he's such a suck-up to NASCAR and never says anything wrong which is fine for some people but I would like Jr. more if he had some fire or passion with him, thats kind of why I like Kyle Busch, he says what he wants regardless of the consequences which is good for the sport.

      Busch isn't a version of Dale Sr, he drives like Dale Sr. and isn't afraid to wreck somebody to win but he more reminds me of a young Darrell Waltrip. Just like with Jeff Gordon in about 10 years, everybody will be cheering Kyle because everybody cheers for the good driver with talent.

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