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  • What_Would_Jimi_Do What_Would_Jimi_Do Aug 3, 2008 1:39 AM Flag

    For the "Smart" Ones 2

    what driver sent another driver into a first base dug out?

    looking it up doesnt count.

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    • I dont have a problem with you really......i have a problem with people that come in here and every other message board in existence and then act surprised by the constant....and yes even I will admit it's constant.....ramblings of the 40 yrs old virgins who spend their lives making 17 ID's and replying to their own posts in here

      I don't doubt for one second the courage and honor that should be bestowed to people who do things in service of this country. I spent four years in the military as has atleast one male from my family each of the last 7 generations. My father was volunteer firefighter and my extended family is about 75% of the Alexandria volunteer fire dept(small town) here in Ohio

      You have to remember that half of the people in here only say the things they do to give someone a hard time, whether jokingly or seriously is the only determining factor. But expecting much more out of the internet will get you nothing more then disappointment. I first started chatting on the net in political rooms and "`societal problem" rooms trying to have serious discussions with people and realized that even there most of the people are only there to give a hard time. So we come in here because atleast in here there is one commmon denominator........NASCAR and our love for it

      So come in here, spend alittle time reading some posts and relatively quickly you will realize there are few in here to take seriously, But you will also realize that if you change the mindset of what you come looking for alittle, this little NASCAR online community can be both informative and entertaining

      And I don't really have a problem with the name ED...... but you should be pissed about it hahahahahahahahahahahah

    • I like the part of the Hawaii article where it says that the competition can be a stepping stone for guys like me that wanted to be professional fighters because I actually met my professional promoter while I was fighting there so they were right

    • sorry I don't have anything more recent

      but I'm kinda on my downslide as a fighter so I have been working more and I havent been fighting as much

      so my most recent results are at EFC 12 and 13


      my favorite article about me as a fighter is kinda old, but I still like it, plus it was on the cover on the honolulu paper


      I actually lost my last fight......rear naked choke v.s. Cjhris Canale in the NAAFS

      I have never claimed to be undefeated......but I am a fighter

    • Matter of fact maybe I do have a slight problem, and I've been on Yahoo for many years. I'm for real, yep my names Ed and thats my pic. I've seen your pic, your a MMA fighter? I'll show the things I've done as a volunteer firefighter, this includes removing the dead bodies from the car accidents, which are documented and I can prove. You show your MMA fight results. Deal?

    • I dont have a problem with you from the past as I've seen your posts before. But first off if you have a problem with my name tuff chitt. And if you have any other problem with me, then say it. I have a strong chin and big shoulders.

    • and reallly?......... you didn't feel a need to trademark the name ED

      If my parents named me ED........I wouldn't even tell people what my name is.....let alone trademark it so good call there

    • Wow......Ed has a serious complex where he thinks he's waaaaaaaaaay more important than he really is

      this sin't really a message board Ed.........it's a douchebag intervention and we all wanna talk to you

    • Oh, and I forgot to mention I dont have my Yahoo name registered or trade marked.

    • mmmmmmmm..........digin Bones

    • LOOK FLOSSY CHANGED HIS NAME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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