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    Simple Minded Nascar fans

    Sunday's race was just what Nascar wanted to happen. They proved to the world that any Nascar fan that didn't complain about the race was and always will be simple minded douchebags. If anyone in this world was entertained by that race then their brain and their understanding of entertainment is so pathetically small that Alvin the freeking Chipmunk could beat them in a game of checkers. There isn't one person or fan that should support what happened Sunday for any reason whatsoever, unless they qualify for the above credentials or they work for Nascar (or Goodyear) or are somehow affiliated with them. I really feel sorry for this country if anyone would sit around and watch that lameass crap ever happen again, because if they did they would only be proving to the world that they have the mindset and ability to be humored of that of a 2 year old retarted kid. No freeking wonder we can't win a war against any other country, if half of you served for our country that has to be the reason why you punks got your ass kicked and still are.

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