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  • Jin English Jin English Jul 24, 2008 3:48 PM Flag

    Where oh where has Dirty Sanchez gone?


    this board used to be so much more interesting when the JA Team were running things.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I don't care who's here.......it's a public forum....anyone should be welcome....no matter how dumb they seem........I came out strong, but I think i've grown on a few people in here

    • he's prolly scrubbing toilets in the big house..........lol.ja.......what a joke

    • floss, you definitely DON'T want Jin English and Dirty Dog on this board,

      They are FLAMERS here and have been here for TOO long.

    • this board is nothing but one big pissing match between busch and jr fans that get pissed when anyone talks about anything except 18 and 88....so I'm talking about everything but them......porn, taco bell, golf, reality tv, music, art, shopping, comedy central, marijuana reform, midget wrestling, pudding, cigarettes, a boil, more taco bell, money, the presidential race less filling vs. tastes great, the internet. youtube. yahoo. myspace. midget porn, the new york yankees, the radio, paintings, dvds. barry bonds did take steroids but the people that should be getting into trouble is major league baseball for ignoring the problem of performance enhancing drug use on purpose to save a strike riddled league because chicks dig the long ball and runs are fun for everyone, vacuum cleaners houses. windows. fax. machines. lighters. camping out. the driving range. poontang. having children. getting married. bracelets. braces. toilet paper. fans. modems. time warner cable, the nationwide tour(the golf one), the pga, and the Lpga, seniors tour golf,
      calculators, your first kiss, second base, finally scoring, stds, steel wool, speakers, carpet, milfs, ups, fedex, candles, angels, god, heaven, jesus, christ, religion, the biggest lie in the history of earth, pillows, hairspray, clippers, coasters, and more taco bell, mixed martial arts, guillitine chokes, ufc vs affliction, minnie mouse, disney world, kayaks, pedofiles, irons, electrical tape, an olympics that iraq is not allowed in, sunglasses, that 70's show, more midgets eating taco bell, restraining orders, common sense, undisciplined children, excuses, cancer, aids, chicken pox, those pieces of race car track mom used to beat your ass with, running out of papers, the word awesome, superbad, flavor flav, retirement, 401K's, your boss and how bad he sucks, mutual funds, and taco bell sponsoring midget porn, heinz ketchup stadium mustard and a big fat weiner.............awesome

    • Whose the JA team? Were they funny yet cruel?


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