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  • clarence b clarence b Jun 25, 2008 2:10 PM Flag

    Sick of Kyle

    I am so sick of hearing about Kyle Bush. No matter what series he's racing in he's finishing well! I am hoping this ends soon. I am a Smoke fan and a fan of JGR. I will not root for Rowdy. He's arrogant and drives like an idiot to place himself better. In an interview recently he said he'd wreck anyone to win. What a driver! A good driver doesn't need to wreck people to win, he can just outdrive them. He also whines more than Jeffy boy. I never thought that would be possible. Glad to see ol number 24 having a tough year. I am patiently waiting for Tony to make his move. It's coming really quick. I hope!!


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    • He's sick of you too! Loser!

    • Seems to me that you are forgeting anouther arrogant idiot driver who would do anything to place better. Come on you know who it is. You probably even have a sticker on your pick up truck.


      How quickly everyone forgets...

      Maybe its because i am not a redneck, but i like Busch. I even said it the begining of the season He's winning the championship.

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      • Airdog, A-ron and little A-ron Airdog, A-ron and little A-ron Jun 26, 2008 2:45 PM Flag

        Very well said Aaron. There are a lot of ignorant NASCAR fans that are currently rooting against Kyle Busch. It's not because he's arrogant, cocky or an aggressive driver... it's all because he's currently the best driver on the circuit and they don't like it.

        He's currently racing better than everyone's beloved Earnhardt Jr. and it's pissing people off. The same thing happended to Jeff Gordon when he started to come into his own and give Earnhardt Sr. a run for his money. For whatever reason, many people who follow NASCAR don't like change and this young stud Kyle Bush has brought change to the sport and it's not being well accepted.

        Personally, I'm a Tony Stewart fan but I can't help but root for Kyle and enjoy what I've currently seen this season. We're really seeing something special in what Kyle's been able to accomplish to date this season. However, too many NASCAR fans would prefer to complain and moan, as opposed to enjoy this special performance that's being put on. Too bad but I guess it's their loss.

        Aaron D.

    • as a young fan of nascar ( ive only benn following the sport for three years) i love Kyles racing style .. this is racing .. if someone gets wrecked so be it. thats racing .i dont think kyle would wreck someone one purpose, he races to win , and talk about whining, Tony stewart crys like a bitch every time hes interviewed,,, really he is a fat ass duche bag and needs to shut his mouth and be gratful for the millions he makes!!!!

    • All the Earnhardt Sr. fans get to see the other side of the coin now.
      Sr. never cried but drove THROUGH more people to the win than can shake a stick at.
      O.k. for him but not for the punk huh? He's not a legend yet so he'll be forgiven when he wins a few titles....HA!
      Get used to it because bucktooth weasel is the best damn driver on the trax right now.
      Choke on it.
      He makes fans and more importantly non-fans interested in what will happen next...

    • i dont get why people are sick of him. it is true he is arrogant but his arrogance is funny if you listen to him. and not to mention his teamate tony stewart can be a little bit like him sometimes. he is a good driver and hes driving like a champion. judge drivers by their performance on the race track not what they do off of it. he is the next jeff gordon who is also an awesome driver.

    • Kyle is going to end up killing himself or someone else he thinks he can put that 18 anywhere he pleases i mean Nascar needs to step up earlier this season he wrecked Jr on purpose come on quit pulling for this Kid realize this is just a hoax its almost over....Tony is just sitting back he will be there till the end.....

    • Im sick of kyle too!!!!!!!!! He sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • At least Kyle is honest, you do not think the 3 or 20 car or any other drivers would do the same to win??? If it were the last lap on turn 4 you would not wreck someone to win?? How about Ricky Craven's last win when he slammed into the side of Kurt Busch (I beleive) to win his last race??? There are numerous examples of this that have happened in racing over the years. That is part of what made it great.....now people are pu$$ies and care too much about sponserships...

    • read my next reply, "oops... Wrong series."

    • nationwide is going cot in 09.

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