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  • krmudgns krmudgns Jun 20, 2008 9:54 PM Flag

    biffle signs with roush

    now that biffle signed a 3 year contract that pretty much leaves old jaimie out to dry doesn't it? i guess it will come to who does better, ragan or jaimie.. too bad they all suck though, they have that stupid blue oval on the front of their cars!

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    • i happen to be a biffle fan,and believe that biffle is the only one keeping roush/fenway motorsports alive,he is ranked in the top ten in the points race as well.know what your talking about next time!

    • a little f.y.i to those idiots fighting about what stewart and labonte drove, pontiac is owned by general motors, so i guess your little three wins for ford isn't very impressive the 5 or 6 that gm has won in that 9 year span isn't it?

    • That's good news for Roush-Fenway. Not so sure its good news for Greg. I was always a Roush fan until a few years back when it seemed like the Cat in the Hat started looking like he was hurting Martin's last chances of finally winning the Cup in his final full seasons by constantly pulling his resources out from under him to help the other drivers in the Roush stable. It seemed to me that he had already written Mark off as no more than a senior statesman and developmental driver and was giving Kenseth, Kurt Bush, and Edwards the better stuff while Martin and Biffle got whatever was left over. Roush was acting like he was carrying Mark as a favor to the guy who put him on the map when clearly Mark still had skills. Well, Roush got championships for himself with Kenseth and Rubberhead Bush, who repaid him by jumping ship to Penske (an outfit that has consistently underachieved and should be doing much better than it does given Penske's resources), left Mark twisting in the wind (who promptly returned the favor by making Roush and Ford look like fools as soon as he climbed into a Chevy) and has continued to run Biffle on the cheap all along. The only guy who has been supported less at R-F is McMurray who was never more than a flash in the pan anyway. Bottom line is that Biffle will never get the best R-F has to offer and he should have been looking to sell his skills elsewhere while he still has them. Look at what RCR has done for Burton, another Roush premature throwaway. There are more than a few decent outfits out there who have lesser talents than Biffle in some of their cars. Biffle could be a good addition somewhere else rather than hanging around wasting his time as 3rd or 4th banana at R-F with a team that keeps letting him down with inferior equipment and stupid mistakes.

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      • Wow Stellar post. Standing ovation here, You Answered a lot of questions I had about that deal. Martin walked away this year the points leader. in a Chevy. He is still 24th in points even after missing a number of races. Where would he be if he didn't step aside for the rookie. He could have had his best shot in his career to be a cup champion. what a story that would make.

        X Roush driver wins Championship for DEI in the #8 car. Leaving Hendricks, Roush and the rest of Nascar scratching heads.

        776 points in 3 races he has missed do you think he will regret not trying this year. Well now its 4 races after this week. He is a true talent. as far as Biffle I too agree he should have left. The lugnut situation hasn't been enough of a tell tale sign. "Hey we want to try out this new lug system and get the bugs out. we'll put it on the 16 car". I hope he got a sweet deal to be their test dummy.

    • 2008 will be a toyota..18 car. you msy not like him but he has a great shot at the title!

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      • And WTF does that have to do with Biffle and Roush. yes he has a shot. so does 15 other drivers so who cares it way to early to tell. right now he has a 10 point lead if the chase started this week. 20 over Kasey. We can talk who will be champ after the chase starts. Till then he could wreck in every race and be out of the chase all together. Even worse he could be sidelined to injury like sterling was when he had his 1 shot at being a champion. So enough with Busch will be the champ. Especially when the the thread has nothing to do with who will be champ. Busch will not be the 4th driver for Roush that I can guarantee you. It will be Ragan More then likely.

    • This certainly is vital to Roush Fenway Racing, getting Biffle under contract. The second part isn't set yet and will be based on a couple factors. First and foremost is performance. Ragan has been more consistent so far this year, but Jamie still has the rest of this year and next to win a spot. Secondly though is sponsorship. Ragan has to get a sponsor for next year as AAA is stepping down. Jamie is locked into Crown Royal/Irwin Tools. Roush has already talked of wanting to extend Ragan's contract, but needs sponsorship to do that. Sponsors are fickle as Mikey is solid with NAPA even though he isn't challenging, while a younger unknown driver has a harder time, though he is more competetive on the track. I think they will ultimately keep Ragan.

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      • I agree with you Roush. But the real questions is why are you posting with 2 morons. Out of no where jimi with an I is trying to act like he knows something. I know your knowledge is great, I just feel you should save it for the real posts out here. I think jimmi is just jealous that Boobie is getting more responses than him. Maybe its because boobie knows what he is talking about. I hate to say it but I'm starting to like boobie. I still don't trust him. But his posts sound too much like I wrote them. LOL. If he is seriously done with the bs, then his knowledge with ours will get this board back in quick order. See you on NN today.

    • shows how much of a tard you are. i wont respond to your posts any more tard.

    • pontiac won championships in:

      2002 tony stewart
      2000 bobby labonte

      long time huh, tard

    • juton are you a retard look and read what i just said.

    • chevy had 4 out of the last 9. pontiac had 2. chevy will be lucky to get 1 out of the next 9.

    • in the last 9 years 3 ford drivers won the championship.


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