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  • I want all of you to start thinking of all of the guys, with the exception of Jr. that Kyle has wrecked. Hmm let me see Steven Wallace, Jamie McMurray, and some Craftsmen truck guys. Honestly do you really think these guys aren't in on Kyle wrecking them? Bottom line is Nascar knows this hectic schedule is taking a toll on Kyle and not even the greatest driver in the world would want to perform at top notch fashion every race being on this schedule. So Nascar and the drivers that Kyle is wrecking are taking advantage of the situation.

    Let me see Steven Wallace, okay a lot of people knew Steven Wallace was racing, but to the average Nascar fan, I bet not one of them knew Rusty's son was even racing. Perfect way to get a little airtime and get him and his sponsors name out there, and who better to have it with than Kyle.
    Jamie McMurray, he is going through hard times right now with his team and his sponsor. Jamie has not got much airtime this year in Nascar, let me see what better way for Jamie to get his sponsor and himself some airtime and possibly make his sponsor consider staying with him, than to you guessed it get tangled up with Kyle. Then you have these guys in Craftsmen. Not to say they don't get airtime but they are the least heard of guys in the Nascar world and Nascar doesn't do much effort to make these guys heard of an a day to day basis for the average Nascar fan. What better way for them to get their name and their sponsor some notice and airtime than yep you guessed it again get into a scene with Kyle.

    So before you all go thinking that Nascar and the other drivers aren't in on all of this crap with Kyle, and you go saying that Kyle is not as good as he was at the beginning of the season, well I say to you think about this just a little bit and you will see the light. Kyle is on a hectic schedule right now and when he gets back on a Normal drivers schedule he WILL start dominating again. As far as bandwagoning I could careless if you fools call me or any Kyle fan a bandwagoneer. The truth of the matter is he races for our favorite team and he races his butt off week in and week out. There is not one other driver out there who races as passionately on such a demanding and high intensity schedule as Kyle does. That is why I love Kyle. If it were Jr. that raced for Gibbs or any other driver and they raced such a schedule as Kyle does week in and week out then I would love them. Fact is though no other driver goes out there every weekend and races the schedule that Kyle does.

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